Saturday afternoon shop; My first haul!

So, My boyfriend and my brother travelled to Cardiff on Saturday to watch the cricket, and I had to pick my dad up a fathers day gift (I wrote a blog post about gifts and still managed to put it off till the last minute) so I went along too. It took me all of about 10 minutes to get something for my dad, and I thought there was no point travelling all that way for 10 minutes shopping. I decided to make the dangerous decision to take a looking boots and primark. big mistake. So I ended up spending more than I ever want to spend at one time, but I did get some things that I’ve wanted to pick up for a while, so It’s not all bad.

I did most of the damage in boots. Once I allow myself to picking thing up, then It’s al downhill. I happened to spend most of my money on NYX products, not for any specific reason, other than when I’d left that stall I felt guilty ad promptly left the shop.


I’ve wanted to get some more nude lipsticks for a while, seeing as I only have about 2, and I’ve wanted to try the soft matte lip creams for a while. I actually bought 3 lip creams, but I’ve managed to lose one since then. The 3 shades i bought were Zurich and Abu Dhabi, and the missing one which is Stockholm. The 2 lip lingerie in ruffle trim and exotic. I’ve wanted exotic for a while, as I think It’s a nice nude for my lip colour.

So far, from using the soft matte lip creams, I’m really impressed with them. They’re super creamy and pigmented, and dry down really nicely. They do take while to dry down but that’s not a problem for me. I also bought a lipliner in the shade London, as a simple nude to go with these lipsticks.

The next thing I bought, was a mini kit, the ready prep go kit, which comes with a primer, an eliminator, an eyebrow gel, an eyeshadow primer, a HD setting powder, a primer spray, and a setting spray. This was on offer at half price, for £12.50. I was already looking to buy the primer and the illuminator so it made sense to buy this kit, and get to try them, and a few other products as well.


I got another primer as well, the blurring primer. This looked really interesting and I’m really intrigued to see how blurring it actually is.


The final thing I bought from boots, was the most expensive, and not a necessity, but I’ve wanted to try them for so long, I thought it was finally time to get them. I picked up all of the vivid brights eyeliners. IMG_2582

Having got them, I feel like I got a bit excited and didn’t necessarily need to buy every single one, but I’m sure I’ll find use for them, and I’m excited to try them.


Considering they’re called brights, Some of them aren’t as vibrant as I expected, but they’re still pretty and fun.


As you can see here, the green is no where near as bright as the packaging would have you believe, but it slightly muted look is quite nice, and I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to use it. The blue is very pretty, but it would be nice if it was more royal blue instead of a slightly periwinkle shade, but still I’m not complaining.

The rest of the items I bought were from primark. I did buy 3 tops and a dress as well but I wasn’t sure whether to put them in this post or not, so I didn’t. I did though buy 2 sets of eye lashes, 2 face masks, some cotton pads, and a phone charger cable (exciting huh?). IMG_2580

Every time I go to primark I pick up at least 1 new face mask, because I love trying all the different ones they have, and they just always work so well for me.


I got 2 packs of these GWA (girls with attitude) eye lashes In the style fairy. Im not gonna lie, I thought I picked up 2 different ones, but turns outI didn’t. I’m not disappointed though. These look really pretty and for £3 I really can’t complain. I’ll try them out and maybe look for some different styles in the future. I know there were some more expensive ones from this brand, that were a bit more fluffy and big, but I already felt guilty enough and to be honest I really just wanted to get out of there by this time.

The last thing I’m showing, is actually the first thing I bought when shopping, as I purchased it along with my dads presents (from the body shop).

I’ve been researching and looking at buying a facial massager for a while now, and because they had some next to the till I picked one up. Now there are a bunch of different ones you can try, and although this isn’t the first one I’d pick, I’m excited to try it out.


That’s everything from this haul. I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at what I got!

Until next time,



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