My skin but better; Natural glowy drugstore makeup

So, since my skin has become on the drier side of combination, I’ve been all about the glowy makeup. dewy skin is a must for me, and I’ve found some really good products from the drugstore that are cheap and create a flawless look, a ‘your skin but better’ kinda vibe. Perfect for a summers day or night.

As I say with all of my makeup looks, skincare is crucial to getting the look right. Cleansing and moisturising right makes the skin smooth and naturally radiant, and adds to the finished look. I have done a post about my pre makeup skincare routine not too long ago. I will be doing an updated version soon as a few things have changed, but for now, here is the link to that. I’d like to say here that having ‘perfect’ skin isn’t a requirement, and the term ‘perfect skin’ itself is all relative. Be proud and happy of the skin you have. If it isn’t how you’d like it to be, then work to find ways to improve it, but embrace the skin you have now, confidence is the best thing to wear In my opinion

Now, on to the makeup itself. I use quite a few different products, but its so quick and easy, and obviously you can use more or less products depending on your preferences and skin type.

I start by priming my face with the NYX angel veil primer. I really enjoy the way this primer makes my skin feel. It feels soft and silicone like when applying it, and I feel like it smoothes out my skin nicely. I then, using a damp real techniques sponge, apply the foundation. I’ve been using the revolution pro foundation drops recently, and I will be making a review post on this, but I must say I do like it. I use the shade F7 and It’s a really nice match for me. It probably matches me best out of all of my foundations. This foundation has a nice amount of coverage, it’s definitely not full, but it’s medium buildable, really lovely to let your inner glow show and doesn’t cake up your skin.


I then move onto cream contouring. If you have oily skin, you might want to miss this step out as it’ll probably make you more oily, and not last through the day. I use the maybelline master contour stick in light. I use, what I think Is a flat top foundation brush, to blend this, as I feel like I get more control over the final result. I then conceal using the collection lasting perfection concealer on my face and the maybelline instant age rewind under my eyes (I find it creases less than others).


I use the rimmel stay matte pressed powder to set my face. Then powder contour using the NYX contour palette. I use the middle two contour shades on an angled brush. I use the warmer tone on the far left to bronze with too. I move onto the NYX sweet cheeks palette and use the palest pink shade on the edge on my cheeks and blended up my cheek bones. I use a softer angled brush to apply my blush to create a more airbrushed, soft look. I also use the brown bronzy shade in this on top of my bronzer to a bit of glow. I then move onto Highlighter, and use MUA shimmer highlighter. I can’t find the name of this for the life of me, but its a white gold that shifts to yellow gold.


For my eyes, I lightly blend a warm brown into my crease. I use a revolution palette but any warm toned brown will do, even a bronzer. I brush and fill my brows using the revolution pro cushion in ebony. I spritz my face using the revolution illuminating setting spray, then curl my lashes and apply maybelline total temptation mascara. My final step is to apply maybelline lipstick in smokey rose.


I wore this from about 1 til 11ish and it lasted pretty well, on a hot day, whilst I moved stuff from my old apartment to my new (rented) house so I’d say It does a pretty good job at keeping oil free. Although I’m on the drier side of combination, If I apply an oil to my face, my skin gets really oily quite quickly, and I only touched up my makeup once.

I hope you like this natural glowy drugstore makeup look. I know it isn’t complicated, but a Glowy “my skin but better” look is always a winner, and I’m honestly relieved that I’ve found something that works well (for me at least).

Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it! I’d love it if you could leave me a comment, telling me some of your favourite summertime makeup products.


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