Gift list for Fathers day

Fathers day is coming up this month and having been gifting my dad on this day for quite a few years now, I thought making a list of different things that you all might like to purchase would be nice. None of the items on the list are from a company that sponsors me, they’re just things that I have either bought for my dad in the past, or a male friend or family member, or just something that I like the look of and might buy.

This list will be quite broad as I want to give an idea for all different kinds of fathers.


The first thing on the list is something I actually gifted my own father a few years back, and he really loved it! It’s the Scaramouche & Fandango full works gift set. If your father enjoys taking care of his appearance then this is a great gift. I can remember my dad always being very into his skincare, so this was a perfect gift for him. The sleek simple packaging is very stylish, and something they’d be happy to display in their bathroom, and the set also comes with a travel wash bag. It is on amazon for £32.25 which is a good price for 6 products and the wash bag. The set includes a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave gel, face scrub, and hydrator. My dad said it was really good quality, and if Your father (or family member/friend) enjoys one of the products they can then look at purchasing a bigger size. You could introduce them to their new favourite product.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

You can purchase it Here (this is not an affiliate link).


The next item on the list is the Hugo Boss BOSS gift set. I bought a similar gift set for my boyfriend for christmas that only included the deodorant and the eau de toilette, this one however also includes a shower gel which I think is a really nice added feature, without adding much to the price. The scent itself is lovely, and is a real grown man smell, which is my best way to describe it. It smells smart and elegant, without smelling like musk or wood, which I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of. You can get this on Amazon for £49.95, which is probably around the price I paid for my set.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

You can purchase this gift set here (this is not an affiliate link).


The next thing on my list is good if, like me, you live away from your parents, especially if you live quite a distance from them. Its a ‘Hug across the miles’ pillow by ‘the drifting bear co.’ on I’ve given my family one of these for christmas because we live (lived, I’ve since moved closer) away from them, and they love it. The design is simple, and you can choose different colours, and sizes, and they even work out the distance for you so you don’t have to. This is a really great gift if you don’t get to visit your family/father very often, because a piece of you will always be with them, and the personalisation is always special.

Photo courtesy of

You can purchase this gift here (this is not an affiliate link).


The next thing I think would be a great gift, Is not an item, but an experience. I recently bought my boyfriend helicopter tour around a historic city from virgin experiences. You pay for the experience and they send the information and code that you then put into the site when booking that experience. We haven’t booked this experience yet, because we’ve been moving and wanted to do it after that, but there are so many to choose from that you’re bound to find something suitable. You can find something like the helicopter ride, or something such as a tasting event, or a spa day, and so much more. I will definitely be buying an experience like that again!


I find food or drink always goes down well with any of my family members, so getting them something like a hamper or their favourite drink is a great way to celebrate with them, and show that you know what they like. This personalise letter box hamper is perfect if you live away from home, because it will be delivered straight to their door, and it’s always exciting opening a box and seeing what goodies are inside. It contains a mixture of little snacks, and is specifically for fathers day. I bought my dad something similar a few years ago, but this one looks like a good contender for this year! you can personalise a message for the recipient, and even choose the paper its wrapped in.There are a bunch of different hampers like this on where you can choose different contents, so definitely shop around topic the best one for your dad!

Photo courtesy of

You can purchase this gift hamper here.


Personalised gifts are always a winner in my book. Its only a little thing but having it tailored to you adds a special little touch that you don’t get from regular gifts. It may be more expensive in some cases, but I think seeing the look on a loved ones face really makes up for it. The great thing with getting a personalised gift is that it can be anything from wallets to phots to hammers, there’s something for everyone. I don’t need a hammer but getting one with my name on it would still be a great gift, and i’d show it off on every rare occasion that I need to use one! luckily there are better gifts for me that could be personalised so I probably won’t end up with a hammer (kinda pumped myself up for it now though).

If, like me, you don’t like giving just one gift, but don’t necessarily want to spend a huge amount of money getting a lot of gifts, small meaningful gifts are the way to go! things like bracelets, cufflinks, keyring, and even socks make a great gift, if you choose ones that have some link or meaning to the recipient. I bought my boyfriend a keyring once that was just a little scare piece of metal, but it said LOVE in binary on it. To anyone else that would have been nerdy and lame, but because he really loves that sort of thing, he thought it was cute and clever, and proceeded to explain that there were different types of binary depending on the code and situation. Either way, that small gift had a huge meaning and the personalisation really showed that I put effort into getting a gift specifically for him.

A few places that I’ve purchased presents from that I think are really good places to look are Amazon, if you have an idea of what to get, or and etsy if you aren’t too sure. I find it so fun to browse sites to find the perfect gift. I much prefer giving great gifts and seeing their reaction to receiving gifts (not that I’m not super pumped when I get something). I also find that typing ‘fathers day gift’ into google and going onto the shopping section is a great way to find gifts, or gift ideas.

I hope you found some inspiration for a gift here, I’ve definitely enjoyed looking for things online, and Have an idea of what to get my own father this year.

Thank you for reading, please leave me a comment down below and let me know your ideas!

until next time,


I was not sponsored by anyone to create this blog post, or by any of the company’s mentioned. All ideas and opinions are my own.

All photos are not my own are credited to the photographers and company’s mentioned.

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