My favourite palette?

So, I’m always looking for new palettes, be it eyeshadow, contour, blush, anything really. I love the idea of having multiple products in one place, and even better if the products are multi-use. One of the palettes that I’ve been really loving for travel, that I find I can use for different things is the NYX sweet cheeks palette. My younger self hates me for saying this, because I never wanted to be someone who loves pink, but here I am claiming a pink palette as my favourite.

This palette contains 8 shades, ranging from peach, to pink, to deep rose, Including both matte and shimmers. The pigmentation of these colours are beautiful. They’re well pigmented, without being too much. The formula is also great, I never get patchy areas when using this. It blend into the skin flawlessly.

A huge reason that I love this palette is that I could take this with me when I travel, and not need to take any other palettes with me because I can use this for blush, eye shadow, bronzer and highlight.


I have taken this palette with me when travelling multiple times, and it always comes in useful. You can use it for a light flush of colour, or really build it up for a shadow. I’ve created a look using this for the majority of the colour on my face before (see valentines day look) and it was so easy to use.

I’ve created a look more recently using this as blush and eyeshadow and I really loved how it turned out.

I used only colours from this palette on my eyes, the peach, orange, and pink tones in my crease and the gold on the lid. I used the deep pink and peach on the lower lash line. I loved this eye look, it felt really fresh and summery. I also used the light pink shimmer and gold mixed on my cheeks for a subtle glow. I used the peach shade as a blush.

The peach and bright pink shade mixed are my go to blush shades for every day. If applied lightly, it creates a beautiful flush of colour, without being too much.

I also used the copper shade over my contour to add more depth, warmth, and a little shimmer.

For me, this palette is essential to creating a beautiful warm glowy look. The colours all work beautifully together and it’s so easy to adapt your look with it.

This palette is available at boots, on the nyx website (£17), cult beauty, and on amazon (£10.90 – amazon*).

I’m not sponsored by anyone to write this. I’m not getting paid for my opinions.

*this is an affiliate link, I may get paid if you use it to buy something. Feel free not to use it if you don’t like it.

Thank you for reading, until next time.


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