Maybelline superstay 24H full coverage foundation review

If anyone knows anything about me, my skin appearance is really important to me. I strive to have clear flawless skin, but if you know me you also know I have hyper pigmentation from acne across my face. So, due to this flaw in my clear skin plan, I’ve been looking for a natural foundation that provides a nice coverage for me so I can at least pretend that I have nice skin.

I had heard a lot of great things about this foundation, a lot of which say that it has a really nice natural finish, as well as great coverage. To me this was perfect, so I grabbed a bottle and bolted home to try it. I did my regular skin care and makeup prep routine beforehand to give it a really fair chance. I applied it with a damp real techniques miracle complexion sponge. One pump covered my face fully which was amazing, and the finish was so natural and it has a satin finish, not too dewy but also not matte. The only downside is that the coverage isn’t there. If anything it accentuates my acne scars and makes them look more purple, which is far from natural. Even going over with another pump just doesn’t cover it. Now, I know that for a drugstore foundation I may have been expecting too much, but considering every review I had read said it had amazing coverage, I was disappointed. Maybe the fact that everyone who has tried it has much clearer skin than myself.

Now, this was my first impression, but I noticed that somehow the longer I had it on, the better it looked and the less I noticed the acne scars. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not full coverage, but it’s much better than I had initially thought, and it makes a nice everyday foundation for me. The foundation seems to melt into the skin nicely and create a really lovely ‘my skin but better’ appearance. Obviously the more my acne scars fade, the better it will look, but I just feel that it has been hyped by people who don’t have such dark pigmentation as me.

I’ve read that this foundation has SPF but I haven’t managed to find any proof of that on any website that actually sells it. If it does thats a huge selling point, for me at least. I know that UV rays can make pigmentation on skin darker so I try to wear SPF everyday. I travel to different places quite a lot and I don’t always remember to pack my SPF moisturiser so having a foundation that protects me would be amazing, and would stop me worrying for the day.

This foundation also doesn’t break me out, which is pretty amazing because my skin is quite acne prone. I find that as soon as my skin clears up, I have five new spots on my face.

I wore this foundation to the beach recently and my makeup lasted all day, didn’t crease and didn’t look overly oily. My skin has a tendency to produce a lot of oils if I use a face oil in my skincare, and if I don’t use a face oil my skin dries up. So, Having used a face oil prior to putting my makeup on and still not having an oil slick on my face after 10 or so hours is pretty amazing in my opinion.

Another thing I like about this foundation is that I don’t notice that I’m wearing makeup. I don’t feel like theres a thick heavy layer on my skin, and because of this I don’t feel warm or oily/sweaty when wearing it on a regular day. I also don’t feel the need to itch my nose every five minutes like I sometimes do with thicker foundations.

Overall, this foundation doesn’t quite produce the coverage that I strive for, but as a daily foundation its really pretty, lasts really well, and feels really nice on the skin.

I would recommend this foundation, and I will probably purchase another when I run out of this, unless there’s another alternative by then (which, If we’re being honest, there probably will be).

Have you used this foundation? let me know what you think of it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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