DermaV10 brightening Clay mask

I’m a big fan of facemasks, and despite the fact that I don’t like them (they’re cold and wet), I only own sheet masks at the moment. I love clay masks and peel off masks, purely because they aren’t so cold and wet, so I’m always on the look for different masks. I was strolling around Home Bargains before work one Thursday and I saw a bunch of new facemasks there. The one that I picked up was the DermaV10 brightening clay mask with red algae. There were 2 from this brand in-store, but as I have hyper pigmentation on my face, brightening masks always grab my attention. This mask retailed for £1.99, which was a great price, but I have to admit the pot isn’t all that large, and It says there is enough for 10 applications, which when you think that it recommends 2-3 applications a week, isn’t very long lasting.

Upon applying the mask, I noticed how thin in consistency it was. I was expecting it to be a little thicker, but I felt like it applied quite patchy due to the thin formulation. This isn’t a problem if it still does the job well, it was just different to my expectations.

It felt cold upon being applied, but I was happy that I didn’t feel any burning or irritation from using this. I don’t have sensitive skin, but some masks have irritated my skin in the past, so I am always sceptical when trying new ones, especially ones that are a bit cheaper as you can’t tell whether the ingredients are good quality.


I let the mask dry for the suggested 15 minutes before removing with a damp flannel. I do feel like the mask brightened my skin and made it more even looking.

After using it for about a week and a half I feel like my skin is brighter overall, and Im pleased to announce that I have had no new breakouts since using this mask.

The ingredients of this mask include walnut shell, which I’ve heard is bad for the skin as it can cause micro tears in the acid mantle, which can cause acne, but as stated above I’ve had no problems with acnes at all. I actually feel that using this mask regularly has helped my skin stay clear.


These photo are a before (left) and after (right) of using the mask once. Obviously the deep set hyper pigmentation has not gone, but my skin looks more clear and bright. These photos were taken in the same light, It was natural daylight so It isn’t a different light making the skin look lighter. I made sure to show obvious pigmentation or marks on my face to show the difference in the same areas of skin.

I will continue to use this mask, and Im excited to try the charcoal (which I recently picked up) and the purifying (which I’m yet to find). Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these masks, or if you’re intrigued to try them now.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.




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