Seals and peels activated charcoal peel mask

I’m sure we’ve all seen the videos of the amazing black peel off masks that seem to pull everything bad out of your skin, I have, and recently my boyfriend has been whining to me about borrowing a mask to get all of the bad stuff out of his skin, but I don’t have one of these masks. Problem.

So, When out ‘browsing’ TKmaxx I came across this black mask that claims to remove blackheads and all manners of nasties from your skin and I thought I might as well try it. Anything to get my boyfriend to join in with my little spa days. I’m not sure why i enjoy torturing him like this but I do.

First opinions on this product is that it looks very professional and the packaging is really pretty to me. The bottle it comes in is a nice size and looks like it would last me a long time. The factthart this mask has tea tree oil is a big bonus for me because so far tea tree products are the only things to work on my spots.

Upon applying this to my face, I’m not overwhelmed with the smell. I don’t notice much of a tea tree smell, but I do use tea tree a lot, including a tea tree cleanser to wash my face prior to applying this. I applied the mask with a brush and noticed it is very sticky. I didn’t have to use much to cover the desired areas of my face (mainly my T-zone, and the top of my cheeks). It felt quite cooling as I applied it, and tightened as it dried.


It says to apply a thin even layer after cleansing.Now having done this i noticed that its easy to get a thin layer, but not an even layer, as it begins to dry quickly and if you go over an area to even it out it just takes product off. This isn’t a big deal because as long as it covers the area it doesn’t really matter how it looks, it might just take longer than the 20 minutes they say it takes to dry.

For me, a majority of my face was dry within about 5 minutes, but I did wait the 20 minutes to make sure. Theres nothing worse than peeling off a mask and only half of it coming off because the rest isn’t dry (cringe).

As I was peeling the mask off, I realised that maybe I should have applied a slightly thicker layer. It would have taken longer to dry, but I didn’t manage to get a full face peel (not important as far as the mask goes but it’s more pleasing for me). Overall though I did notice some blackheads, and a lot off peach fuzz removed from my face. Not as many blackheads as I’d have hoped, but I do wash my face daily and i have used a pore strip not too long ago so maybe thats why. It didn’t hurt as much as I’d expected either. The cheeks were quite sensitive but I wouldn’t say it was painful.

I rinsed my face afterwards as recommended, to get the remaining mask off of my skin, and completed my regular skincare routine. I noticed straight off the bat that my skin felt smoother, and my pores looked smaller, and if you’ve seen my pores you know thats a GREAT thing. The texture that I have on my forehead and my cheek bones was definitely reduced and my skin overall looked smoother. I didn’t feel like all of my blackheads were removed which was a little disappointing, but maybe its because I had already done a pore strip recently. I will definitely leave it for a while and try it again to see if that makes a difference, and apply a slightly thicker layer next time.

I tried this again a few days later on my boyfriend, who has significantly easier to get to blackheads on his nose, so I thought this would work for sure. I applied a slightly thicker layer than before as I said I would. This took a bit longer to dry but nothing too crazy, he was watching TV anyway so didn’t notice much. When it came to removing the mask, it surprisingly removed less blackheads than on me, but did remove quite a few little hairs.

based on both of these experiences, I cannot say that this mask doesn’t work, but It wasn’t as amazing at removing blackheads as I had hoped, and as I had seen from previous experiences with pore strips.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you found it helpful.

until next time


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