The cleanser(s) that changed the game for me!

So, as someone with acne prone, combination skin, finding a skincare routine that works for me has been tricky. I need something that can fight off/prevent acne, without drying out the already dry areas of my face, which happen to be the areas I tend to get spots.

Just before Christmas (I know I shouldn’t say that word ahh), I picked up a skincare set from the body shop, part of their tea tree range, as it’s supposed to be good for acne, and have been using it ever since. I was immediately drawn to the exfoliating 3-in-1 cleanser, exfoliator, & mask. At the time I thought I couldn’t possibly get smooth clear skin without exfoliating the life out of my face, daily. So, I’d use the exfoliator at least once a day, and the gel cleanser with, or without my braun facial cleanser brush either twice a week, or once a day. Now This really did help with my acne and since using these cleansers I’ve had very few spots, except on the days where I’m too lazy to wash my face (I know It’s really bad but I just like sleep too much some times). As someone who used to wake up with at least 2 big spots and about 10 little whiteheads, waking up with just 1 spot, or even none, was a huge deal.


Now, as great as it was to wake up spotless, the overuse of exfoliators wasn’t doing my skin any good, and I was getting really sensitive skin throughout the day. I realised that I should probably cut down the exfoliating and I started just using the gel cleanser daily, exfoliator once or twice weekly, and I’d use the facial brush on days that I shower. I had completely pushed to the side, the third cleanser that I received in the set, which was a foaming cleanser, because I thought that It just wouldn’t clean my face well enough to make any difference. That was until one day that I was mid face wash, & realised both of my other cleansers were packed from the weekend I had been away, and all I had to use was the foaming cleanser. So I tried it, and my skin felt great! Spotless, clean, smooth, and surprisingly not that dry. So, from then on I started using that as my daily cleanser and boy, has it changed my skin. It’s so gentle that I get no sensitivity after using it, I can use it multiple times daily (which I need to some times due to where I work and how acne prone my skin can be) and still have no problems. The best thing is that this cleanser is the first and only cleanser I’ve tried that has successfully reduced the texture on my forehead. I have an oily T-zone so my forehead gets really oily and has a lot of little bumps across it. This cleanser has smoothed this out, not fully, but so much so that It isn’t really something I worry about too much anymore.


In the set I also received the tea tree anti-imperfection solution, which I find can be a little harsh, especially if you’re using it in conjunction with the cleanser and toner, but I only use it when I feel my skin needs an extra boost to keep it cleaner throughout the day. It doesn’t overly dry out my skin, and actually leaves it feeling a bit tacky, but it does somehow dry out my spots and reduce them in size.

I mentioned the toner, which I also have, which I do find quite drying and harsh, and I’ll only use it once a day, unless my skin needs the extra drying out (I always moisturise after anyway).

Overall, I think that these products have really made a difference to my skin, and work together really well to help prevent acne. I find I can skip washing my face (not that I try to, but once again I am lazy) without it making a huge difference now, And although these products in themselves do not do anything to diminish acne scars, the fact that they’re preventing my acne, means that I’m currently winning the battle with them.

I’d love to try more products from this range, I know that they have a mask and a body wash which would be great to try out. Also I’d love to get more body shop products into the rest of my skincare, and maybe makeup routine. Let me know any suggestions you have for products.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you get to try some of these products and they work just as well for you.

until next time.


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