My wish list

So, since I’m trying to save money for the house I’m going to buy at some point this year, I hope, I’m really putting off buying anything new, other than necessities. So instead of spending money on things I want, I’ll just write about them instead.

Not all of the things I’m going to write about are makeup related, and not all of the things on my wish list will be here, as it’s a long list and I’m sure no one wants to be reading this for that long. I hope you find something on here that interests you too.

  1. The first thing on the list, which is one I’m probably most excited about, Is the latte palette by Dominique cosmetics. Dominique cosmetics is the creation of beauty influencer Christen Dominique. The latte palette is the first product of the company and isn’t something I’d usually go for, as I tend to look at eyeshadow palettes that are mostly nudes as a bit overhyped, but there’s something special about this one. The two bright colours really add something and the shimmers are stunning!. I’ve heard many many great reviews about the quality of this palette which is a big bonus.
latte palette
Dominique cosmetics: latte palette – 

2. Another eyeshadow palette that I’ve had my eye on is the dreamy palette by Nabla. this is full of warm tones but they’re beautiful, & so far this list is making me look like a liar when I say I don’t usually like nude palettes. I’m not sure what it is about this palette, maybe it’s all the shimmers (I’m a sucker for a bit of sparkle), or the fact that it’s warm toned, but not the usual colours I see in every palette. The variation of browns, pinks, nudes, and purples makes this really versatile and easy to create a great number of different looks. The shades in this also look really great for beginners like me.

nabla dreamy palette
nabla: dreamy palette – killer colours bloglovin 

3. On a slightly different note, the New artist cosmetics dapper drops have been something I’ve had my eye on since They were released. Something about these drops are that they have a metallic finish, instead of a shimmer/glitter finish, which the highlighter drops I currently use have. They have 6 shades, but the ones I like the look of are passionate (ice pink), newbie (unicorn pink), and underdog (champagne gold). I love how in tutorials I have seen using these, they create a beautiful bright, dewy look on the skin, and There Is so little needed, and so much in a bottle, I feel like they would last forever.

NAC dapper drops
New artist cosmetics: dapper drops –

4.  Something other than makeup now. I spend a lot of time focussing on my skin, but mostly the skin on my face, which I’m starting to believe is a problem. I have neglected the rest of my body for the most part, which, considering I sadly suffer from body acne on my chest and back, Probably isn’t a great idea. I think I thought that if I ignore it, it’ll get better by itself, which never happens. One product that i’ve come across and are eager to try is Dr brokers organic tea tree castile liquid soap. Tea tree is something that has always worked really well on my face, so using it for my body seems like a sensible thing to do. I think i’m slightly hostile about using it because i know it’ll dry my skin out a bit, and i’ll probably then have to use a moisturiser after my shower, which always takes me way longer than I think, but if it helps it’ll be such a relief for me. I worry far more about the acne I get on my chest, back, and shoulders, than I do about the acne on my face, just because I see it as more uncommon, and it makes me feel dirty. I’ve read this liquid soap can also be used on hair, and also as a cleaner for the house, which is a bit worrying, but none of the reviews say that it’s overly harsh on the skin, so I’m still hopeful that it will help me.

dr bronners castile soap
Dr Bronners castille liquid soap –

5. There are a few brands that I have never tried that I’m dying to try. There aren’t necessarily any specific products that I want, but the ability to say that i’ve tried one is a dream. One of the brands at the top of my list is cars. I’ve seen people rave about cars products for such a long time, and having recently found out they sell cars in john lewis, my excitement for this brand has sky rocketed. I really want to try one of the foundations, but i’m not yet sure which one would be best for my skin type (combination). Also, everyone raves about their concealers, and i’m still looking for a concealer with good coverage that doesn’t cling to dry patches or crease like a B under my eyes. I’ll have to do a lot more research on the products before I purchase as they aren’t the cheapest and the whole point of this blog is that i’m trying to save money.

nars radient longwear sahel
Cars natural radiant longwear foundation –

6. Another brand that i’ve been dying to try is Tarte. I’m not sure how able you are to get taste products in the UK, i’ve never been able to find a way, but maybe i’m wrong. Hopefully i’m wrong. Anyway, Everyone always says that Tarte shape tape concealer is what dreams are made, and i’m dying to see if it’s the concealer i’ve been looking for. I also want to try some of the rainforest of the sea collection, as these are not only beautiful (but then again, what taste product isn’t) but look like they’d be great makeup products. I especially love the look of the foundation, and the colour splash shade shifting lipsticks. I love me some multi chrome and as of yet I haven’t tried any on my lips so It’s on the list. I love the idea of a product that can transform the look of another product, in this case a lipstick. It makes the list of possible looks endless. I also love the fact that taste does skincare, and i’m always up for trying new things.

tarte shape tape
tarte shape tape –

That is all for now. I do have plenty of other things to put on this list, but I didn’t want it to be too long. Let me know if you enjoyed it and would like another post like this. Your feedback always makes me so happy, and although I don’t get a tonne of interaction on my posts, the interest I do get really makes it worth it. I’ve stopped stressing about not getting much interest on my page, and started posting what makes me happy, and so far it’s made things so much better and brighter for me. My instagram followers are still going up and down, and my likes are still nowhere near close to the amount of followers it says I have, but they’re getting higher and it’s really great to see.

Thank you for reading, I’ll be back with another post next week!


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