Valentines day makeup

So as all of you must know, it was Valentines day yesterday, and whilst I sat at home with my dog waiting for my boyfriend to finish work, I had a play around with some makeup. One thing I love about makeup is how you can use it to express yourself, be in in eventuating your beauty, or creating art, or just having fun. Since becoming interested in make up I haven’t done as many fun creative looks as i’d have hoped. Yesterday I tried to change this.

I had an idea in my head about what I thought would be a cute look, and valentines day was the perfect time to try it out. I got to try some new techniques that i’ve been wanting to try for a long time, and it was really exciting for me to try makeup that was different.


This was the look I created, it was very much a pink explosion which is quite simple, as pinks and nudes are a lot easier to blend into the skin than brighter colours. I thought this was a good start to my creative makeup journey.


For this look, the majority of the pink was the NYX blush palette. I like the variety of pinks, and peaches, and brights and darks. I started by building up a peachy base and used the bright pink to brighten the look. There is a pink shimmer in the palette that i used over the top.

I really wanted this look to really cutesy and pink and floaty. Only one of those descriptions can really be used to describe the look, but hopefully you know what i mean with the other words. Imagine candy floss.


I also got to try the faux freckles trend that has been growing around lately. I never really thought much of it until i tried the faux freckles handbag glasses filter on snapchat. That convinced me that I actually liked the look of it, and that it sort of suited me (and that I need to spend far too much money on a pair of big round framed glasses that will almost definitely get broken within the first few months). I used a NYX lipstick and a small brush to apply dots to the cheeks and nose randomly and dabbed my finger across them to mute them and spread them a bit.


For the eye look I used my hole bronzer as a transition shade then used the same shades from the blush palette. I applied some Nyx mixing medium to the lid then a light pink shimmer shade from the BH cosmetics 120 colours first edition palette. The mascara i used was the maybelline total temptation mascara and it has quickly become a new favourite of mine. It really lengthens and separates the lashes without making them too spidery looking. It also adds a little bit of curl I think. My lashes are straight and stubborn so this straightening without the use of a curler is exciting!


I would quickly like to point out that i’m terrible at applying fake lashes. I know this, I don’t post pictures with them because im under the illusion that they look good on me, I just think they add too the look. I will get better at applying them, if you have any tips that would be really useful.

For this look I used a clear mascara from collection in my brows. I have quite thick brows that don’t have an arch, but I have come to embrace this. I tweeze them to shape them a little now but that’s it.


My lips didn’t turn out as I had hoped but i’m never really good at matching my lips to the rest of my make up. I used ‘tranquility’ from MUA cosmetics and a rosy pink gloss from I love makeup london.

the rest of my makeup is:

  • primer: Nyx angel veil.
  • foundation: makeup forever HD foundation stick, Maybelline superstay 24hr, Nyx total control.
  • contour: model co contour stick, Benefit hole bronzer.
  • highlighter: barryM strobe cream, MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter.
  • setting: coty airspun translucent powder, Urban decay all nighter.
  • real techniques miracle complexion sponge.

Thank you for reading this post, please let me know what you think of this look. I hope you had a great valentines day.

Lots of love


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