A year with Birchbox; Is it worth the money?

So as of December I had been subscribed to birch-box for a whole year, and it was really fun and nice to receive a little present every month, and even more as I had had a free years subscription thanks to winning a competition.

I thought, before I plainly move onto another subscription box, I’d give a quick overview of how my experience with the box was, some of my favourite products, and whether it is worth the £10 a month.

Lets start with a quick look at birchbox and what it’s all about.

Birchbox is a beauty subscription box that sends out a box with 5 products in every month. The products can be skincare, haircare, makeup or even nail products. most months contain at least 1 full size product and 4 sample sized products. Each month you can usually pick between two products, or pick your box design. You can choose from a monthly subscription, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. And you can even gift a subscription.

I started with birchbox because I wanted to try new beauty products without having to spend a tonne of money on products that might not work for me. I really enjoyed the freedom of trying different products without having to spend an extortionate amount of money.

Here are a few of the products that I really liked since joining birchbox:


The first, and probably one of my favourite products was the Doucce punk volumizer mascara. This mascara really added volume to my lashes without making them clumpy. It was nice a dark and i really enjoyed using this style of wand. Having the arm be so small was a pain but that’s purely because it was a sample product.



another product that I really enjoyed whilst I had it was the beaver professional daily moisture conditioning spray. I never repurchased this even though I received it in my February box last year and really enjoyed it. I found it really handy to have a conditioning spray to help nourish my hair, and I felt like it did a really nice job of moisturising my hair.

The balance me instant lift primer is something that I still use now and find it really hydrates and blurs my skin. I have deep smile lines and this really helps to plump them and make them less noticeable. I will definitely be repurchasing one of these once i run out, which I think sadly will be soon. It’s a little miracle in a tube for me.



I really enjoy using body scrubs so the scrub love mango body scrub. It was really moisturising and smelled amazing, whilst doing wonders for my skin! I will have to look into trying another of the scrubs.

The polaar iceymagic instant eye contour energiser is something I’ve started using just recently, despite getting it months ago, as I’ve recently started taking more care of my eyes with eye cream and such. This manages to reduce the tiredness of my eyes, not just the appearance, but that really heavy I-can’t-keep-my-eyes-open feeling after a long day or early morning. I now like to use this when I’m away on my course as I have to wake up a lot earlier than the rest of the month and my body is definitely not used to it. I think this product will last me quite a while, and i’ll be buying another once it runs out.

The sand and sky brilliant skin purifying pink clay mask is something I really enjoyed and my skin felt so soft and smooth and clear. i have used all of my sample but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to buy the full size because it’s really expensive, and quite small.


I did enjoy most of the products from the VogueXBirchbox box. being able to try Benefits hoola bronzer was a highlight of the year, and a back up seche vite is ALWAYS handy.

That’s it for the products I have really loved since my time with birchbox, towards the end of the year I stopped photographing them because I was getting a little bored with the reviews, and the products weren’t always exciting me. It’s hard to put effort into reviewing something that doesn’t interest you.

On another note, I did receive the February birchbox this morning, despite having cancelled my subscription last month, and I haven’t been charged. This is a nice way to say ‘just in case you change your mind’ and I have so far really liked the products that I received so I won’t say never to trying birchbox again.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience with birchbox. I do with I didn’t have as many eyeliners as I now do but for the price I really can’t complain about the service. But, I look forward to trying some different services for a while.

Please leave some suggestions for a new beauty subscription services you know of in the UK.


Thank you for reading this blog, Sorry it’s a little late!





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