NYX in your element: fire & metal

Hi all, It’s been a while but I’m back with a new review. This time I’m looking at the NYX In your element: fire and metal palettes. When I first saw these palettes, I was really excited. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the fire one. The vibrant reds were really exciting to me, despite the fact that I’ve heard red shadows are extremely hard to work with.

When I first saw them, they were being released In America, so no luck for me I thought. I searched through multiple websites to see if they were available in this country, but had no joy. Then, when I was out shopping on black Friday in my local Debenhams, I saw that they had them in there. For £25 regular price, I was a little weary. Although that may seem pretty cheap, plus the 10% off, I wasn’t sure of the quality of them, but they swatched nicely so I thought I might as well go for it. I was planning on getting the Fire and Earth palettes, because I liked the warm tones, but the Earth one wasn’t jumping out at me when I got there. The metals palette however, was. In pictures it didn’t seem that special, but in person I got to see how a few of the shades had this foil like texture which I’d never seen before. So, my mind was made up.

Let’s start with my automatic favourite, Fire.


To start of with, the packaging is really nice. It’s a sturdy plastic, and it’s such a pretty design, I’m slightly in love with it. I will say that it’s a little stiff to open, but then again, that does mean that if you drop it or something, it won’t bounce open and get destroyed.


To start with, The pan size is really nice. I much prefer square pans over circles, I think it looks nicer, and you get more product.

Onto the important bit, the eyeshadow itself. Now for me, this is the perfect palette. It’s filled with warm colours, both matte and shimmer. Looking at this, I can think of a ton of different looks to create with it, from natural, to full on glam. You can create looks full of depth, or just a small bit of warmth to go with a bold liner look. My favourite shades definitely have to be the bright red, and that blue/brown.


You can tell by these swatches, that the pigmentation is lovely on the warm matte colours, and I found them really easy to blend out. These are only one swipe of each colour, so the pigmentation really speaks for itself. You can also tell that the shimmery shades aren’t quite as nice, but I still find them really easy to work with, they just need building up a bit more.


Here’s a look at that blue/brown shade. This is only one swipe remember, so built up this shade really is something to look at. Also, this shade really is one that looks better on the eyes.


Here is a look I created using just this palette. You can see here that the blue/brown shade really is a stunner, and the red shades blend out perfectly. I’m still very new at makeup and eyeshadow, and don’t get to practice all that often, so if i’ve managed to pull off, what i think is quite a nice look using this palette, then i can only imagine what a few more practices can lead to.

I forgot to mention, the shimmery yellow/gold that I used In my inner corner, how beautiful is it? well, It didn’t take much building up at all, and I applied It with a brush, so It really shows that sometimes hand swatches don’t tell the truth.

Moving onto the surprise find, the metal palette.


Again, another amazing packaging design. I really liked the fact that they did bold, bright, designs instead of a plain black with writing on.

Also, I didn’t point this out with the fire palette, but the inside of the lid Is a huge mirror, which Is quite frankly amazing.


So, initially looking at these colours online, I thought they were pretty, but I didn’t think I needed another ‘shimmery’ palette. Well, I was completely wrong. Firstly, the shimmers in this palette or unlike any i’ve tried before. The pigmentation is beautiful and the colours all have their own uniqueness. For example, that forest green that i thought i’d never try has this beautiful depth, and in certain lights has gold flecks in it. Also, the lilac and pale pink in the top left corner, these are both beautiful iridescent shades. The pink shifts from bright white, to pink, with a green tinge, and lilac goes from light a pretty to a deeper lilac with a blue shift.


After trying this palette, another thing i noticed if that the formula was different to anything i’ve tried before. I’ve never understood when people say foiled eyeshadow but now I do. This new formula creates an easy to apply, high pigmentation, almost wet look on the eyes and Im all here for it! I can’t stop thinking of the possibilities of this palette. From pretty pinks to darker gothic, there are literally a million ways to try these.


Even a bronze smokey eye would be taken to the next level with some of these colours. The deep gold shade really does shine from any angle. it can either be blinding or deep.


Plus, look at that purple. It really catches the light, but has a deep undertone, it’s the best of both.

I have found that these shadows are very much better to be applied with a finger, you loose a lot of the pigmentation with a brush.


I really hope NYX keeps these as a permanent part of their line, because I will be buying more when these run out, and I’ll definitely be looking to pick up a few different ones. I have a Debenhams gift card, so it might be sooner rather than later.


I hope you enjoyed this review. let me know what you think of these palettes, and if the others in this collection are worth it too.

I’m always looking up these palettes on instagram (@lipsnailslife) so I might see some of your looks using them!

Thank you for reading, I’ll be back with another post soon!


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