November 2017 birchbox uk

Here I am back with another birchbox. This months box was a collab with vogue, and the products were tried and tested vogue beauty favourites, so you can imagine I was excited about this! There were a lot of cult classics available and I was hoping to get at least one that I wanted.

But before we move onto products, let’s take a look at the box itself. There were two options this month, and I chose the second option. The first option was pink and I just preferred how sleek this one was.

I love the colours of this one, and the overall style was just a bit more of what I’m into. Plus this one gives off more sophisticated vogue vibes to me, I wanted to be somewhat authentic.

Now, moving swiftly onto the products. I’ll admit that opening the box was slightly disappointing as only a few were really interesting to me. I was expecting this to be a really great box.

Let’s start off with an old favourite, seche vite. I was actually extremely happy to see this in my box as this is my favourite top coat and I’m always looking for spares. Having used this for years I can truly say it’s a firm favourite, and I’m yet to find anything to replace it. It adds such a beautiful glossy shine to any manicure and prolongs the life of it for days, even weeks, depending on your lifestyle of course. My favourite thing about this topcoat is that it dries in seconds, give it a minute and you’ll be good to get on with your day without having to worry about it smudging! This was a great start to the box for me.

Let’s move onto a sadly not so successful product, the Percy & reed volumising no oil oil. I don’t tend to get excited about hair products any more as they don’t often make a difference to my hair, because of how thick it is, and sadly this was the same. When using this I really didn’t notice my hair looking any different. I’ll continue trying to make it work but I think my hair needs something a bit stronger. I pray for the day I can make my hair hold it’s shape without using a full tin of hairspray and having crispy hair all day. Sigh.

Another product I couldn’t really get to work was the James read sleep mask tan for the face. Maybe I’m just not using it right, or often enough, but I didn’t see any difference using this. Even leaving the product for the 8 hours it said showed no results which was quite disappointing. Saying this, e second time using it, I did forget to wash my hands and now they have a slight brown tint. Overall though my first experience with a fake tan brand isn’t as exciting as I’d expected.

This next product wasn’t a bad product for me, but it was a bit of a fail, because I had bought something similar no more than a week before. The fourth item was a birchbox brush cleaner. I had wanted one for ages, as cleaning my brushes with my hand wasn’t really working for me, so I decided to purchase one of the rubber cleaners with the different textures on in hopes that it’ll make things a little easier. I got my from jolie beauty. This birchbox one is pretty similar, how different can they be really though I am slightly annoyed I paid for my own, only to get one sent in my birchbox, but then again it will be nice not having to keep track of my one. I can have one for Home and one for travel.

Finally, we have the famous benefit hoola bronzer. I’ve heard many things about this bronzer, all good, and couldn’t be more excited to try it myself. It was a lot more pigmented then I expected, and had to do a lot of blending after first applying it. It’s also a bit warmer then I expected. I thought it was a little more cooler toned than it actually was, but that wasn’t a bad thing, obviously it’s going to be warm toned as it’s a bronzer, That’s kind of the point of it I guess.

Overall this month I did enjoy the box, and I think I’ll definitely continue using most of the items I’ve received, and try to get the others to work for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, talk again soon!

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