Where have I been? My new puppy

So, as I’m sure all of the regular blog readers know, I haven’t posted anything here for a few months. why? on the 24th of September my boyfriend and I picked up our new puppy, Bradley.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen a few pictures of him, as it’s really all I’ve had a chance to post. I haven’t really done anything much make up or nail art wise for the past two months as I’ve been getting used to having a new small animal to look after.


This is a picture of Bradley the morning after we picked him up. Here he is just over 7 weeks old and the smallest, cutest thing I’d ever seen.

Bradley is a welsh cardigan corgi from a litter of three born August 4th in Llanelli near Swansea. His mum was a lovely girl, that’s had a very successful litter before Bradley. One of the puppies from the last litter ended up in a TV advert & His dad Is also a model, so he’s got good genes. It also makes sense as he’s absolutely stunning. His mum was more of the traditional Golden corgi shade, whereas his dad is very dark, with huge ears. Bradley has followed his dad with the big ears, though his is getting lighter as he gets older.


As I said before, I’ve taken two months off to really get used to building a good routine around Bradley, and work, and my course, without going insane or having a mental breakdown. For the past two weeks Bradders has been getting used to going for walks, and we’re finally at a point where he can go for walks without sitting down every minute, and is getting worn out easier. This means more time for me once we get home, and I don’t have to play fetch down the hall for 2 hours.

Although getting Bradley has been a lot of hard work, I wouldn’t change having him for the world. Having a puppy is such a joyous thing, it’s helped me get over my seasonal depression, that I get around the colder months, because I literally have no time to be sad now. He’s always keeping me company, or keeping me busy, even when he’s asleep. He’s also the missing part of the family we didn’t know we needed. I get so happy knowing I’m going home to see him, even if he has destroyed something and been to the toilet multiple times on anything apart from his puppy pad (which is probably the thing he’s destroyed).

I’d also like to say that having a puppy is a really good way to show yourself that you have much more time and energy than you thought. I’m finding extra minutes everywhere, and getting up earlier everyday has shown me how much more I can get done during the day. It’s tiring but I’ve managed to find enough energy to get everything done throughout the week (despite my regular breakdowns on a Friday, I think that’s part of the routine now). I’ve even managed to get back into taking pictures and things, and hopefully the older he gets, the more time I’ll be able to spend on blogging.

Now, I don’t want to say I’ll be posting blogs and photos every week because i’ve been saying that to myself to for literally weeks now, and it still hasn’t happened, but I’m genuinely hoping to get back into blogging and posting photos. I’ve been taking pictures for blog posts and doing some nail art, though I haven’t got round to doing any makeup yet. I have a few things to keep me going to be honest, but i need to step up and realise it’s like, 5 weeks till Christmas (or something, I’m not very organised at the moment) and do some more themed things. I’m also hoping to just be a bit more relaxed with blogging and Instagram because honestly i’ve loved not having to worry about how well my picture or blog is doing. So that means my blogs will be a little more casual and chatty, and genuine (honest), and my Instagram pictures might not be scheduled (just yet). I didn’t realise how much it had become a stressful thing until I forced myself to take some time off from it (or crash), but I’m ready to get back into it and are really excited to better my blog and Instagram feed and i hope everyone enjoys the new relaxed me.

That’s enough rambling about me, if you want to see more pictures of my adorable baby boy as he grows, follow my beauty Instagram @lipsnailslife, my personal Instagram @emilaay_b, or bradley’s Instagram (I’m one of them, I know, I even got the boyf in on it) @bradleythecardigancorgi.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my beloved, the prince himself, bradders!


Thank you for reading, I’ll be back soon, but not too soon!


One thought on “Where have I been? My new puppy

  1. I love this! Dogs are so amazing. I have a Pug, he’s nearly 11 I’ve had him since he was a puppy and I just love him. You don’t realise until you get one how much you need one in your life and they really do make such a difference to your mental health! 🙂


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