August favourites & September goals 2017

This is my second post about goals an favourites, so I feel it’s only right if I quickly go through and say whether I actually kept to my goals for august.

  • My first goal was to become more regular at blogging and I do really think I achieved that. My main goal was to blog at least once a week and though I did miss one week, I posted twice the next so my numbers are right at least.
  • second goal was to become more consistent in most of the things in my life, and I do feel i’ve improved on this a bit, but nothing major. I still miss days of doing my skin properly and I still have bad meals, but overall this last weaker two I have got a bit better.
  • third goal was to spend less, and apart from my new laptop (which I NEED for my course, so it’s kinda okay) i’ve been really really good. it’s got to the point where I don’t feel like I need to buy stuff at the time, which is a great feeling!
  • I wanted to review more of the products that I already have, which I haven’t quite got round to yet, but implanting my blogs better and im getting round to them.
  • My picture taking skills have always been something I want to improve, and I think i’m slowly getting to a good place with it (any tips are still welcome though).
  • I wanted to start picture tutorials which I did attempt but it was a lot more difficult that I first thought. it’s also time consuming, but I have a week off soon so I will try again.
  • Finally, my goal to do more yoga was a complete flop as i’ve thought about it many times yet not once done it this month.

These goals are still quite important so I will roll these all over to september, but I’ll also add another 2 goals.

The first ties in with my being consistent and post more theme, but I want to have a set day to post my blog on. I’d ideally want to post on wednesdays (though saying that i’ve already messed that up this week by being unorganised).

The second tying in with the first, I want to be more organised. I have plenty of things to use that will help with this and I need to utilise them. Planning blogs and making sure I have everything written and all the pictures taken before I need to post them, even if it’s an hour before, is very important and it’s a habit I need to get into.


Now, moving on to the favourites of this month.

One item i’ve enjoyed this month is the sundari honey and enzyme exfoliant serum that I purchased on my spa break. I use this before bed most nights and I do feel like it’s helping the appearance of my skin. I leave it on for a couple of minutes to dry and then remove it and add my next products to hydrate my skin.


The next two items, mentioned previously, are my homemade mixture of sea buckthorn oil and rosehip oil, and something received in my last birch box, the Huygens La creme super nature face cream. These two together are what I’ve been using regularly and what I put my clear skin down to, along with the sundari serum. I think these 3 work really well together.


The final product on my list is my 2 simple skin care face creams. I have a light moisturiser and a rich moisturiser. I picked the light up to take to work with me, and started using it during the day when I ran out of my old one. I grabbed the rich one when I was away from home and didn’t have my current one with me. I now use this one before bed.

Simple skincare has always worked really well for me and doesn’t irritate my skin. I find that this brand is consistently good at giving my skin a nice glow and doesn’t give me acne. It is also very cheap compared to others than i’ve tried. I will definitely be repurchasing after I run out.


Onto a few things not skin related, i’ve been loving hair scrunchies this month. I grabbed a few neutral coloured ones from home bargains at the beginning of the month and have worn one every day since. It really takes me back to being a child, I always had my hair in a scrunch (below imagine).


Another thing I’ve really enjoyed this month, well, in the last few weeks, is an app called 8fit. It’s a fitness app that gives you workouts tailored to your goals and fitness level, and also a menu. I’ve got the free version at the moment, to see what it’s like and if it’s worth me paying for it, which includes full body workouts and yoga. So far i’m loving the workouts, they’re fun and they push me the right amount. I will be continuing to use this app, and i’m considering buying the premium version.

My final favourite for this month is the song ‘rain’ by the script. I was so hyped for new muscle by the script and to me they did not disappoint at all. My boyfriend, who has always been a hardcore script fan, wasn’t the biggest fan because, and I quote, “it isn’t depressing enough” and doesn’t sound like the script to him. Me on the other hand, I absolutely love this song. It’s so great to sing along to, and it’s really catchy.

That’s it for this months goals and favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading.

I’ll be back soon with another post, hopefully you come back to read.

Until then, Em.

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