August Birchbox uk review 2017

August has been a pretty busy month for me, but that’s helped me realise what items from this months birch box have really stood out for me, and which ones have completely left my mind for a majority of the month.

The august birch box had the theme of mermaids vibes, which I’m sure most people would love, but i found it a bit predictable. don’t get me wrong, i really liked the box, and the products fit well, and i understand that as a business you need to go with the latest trends, and mermaids and unicorns are huge at the moment, but I think I was expecting something a bit more exciting.

Like i said, the box was really pretty, I really love cool toned colours like blue and purple, especially with gold, so it was a very attractive box to me.



The first thing in the box, the thing that really caught my attention was the Spectrum collections A05 angled brush in glam clam (£59.99). Now I’m not gonna lie I didn’t really want another angled brush, but I have incorporated this brush into my makeup routine quit easily and I now use this for blush. The bristles of this brush are really soft and seem  to be really good quality. I do own another spectrum brush, that I also received in a birch box, so I was expecting good quality and I wasn’t disappointed. Despite the good quality I don’t think I’d ever pay near £60 for an angled brush, or any makeup brush really. There are so many good brushes for much cheaper.

I did enjoy how birch box picked a brush with a name that fit well into the theme of the box, it shows how much thought they put into the items in their boxes.



The second item I grabbed for was the LOC one and done shadow stick in rock steady (£8). I saw these teased on the birch box Instagram page and I loved the look of the brown one so I was super excited when I saw it in my box. I haven’t ever used anything like this before so I was intrigued to try it and compare it to powder shadows. I like that it is shimmery/glittery and the cream aspect of this makes the glitter sparkle better than powder colours. I did find it a little difficult to build up the opacity, and avoid patches, but that might have been my application and other products I used with/underneath it. I enjoyed the brown smokey eye look i created using this and will definitely be using it again. Also The price is very encouraging for me to get more.



Next is the Merci Handy antibacterial hand cleansing gel in yellow sunshine (£2.90). Now this is just a hand sanitiser, nothing overly interesting, one of the items that I sort of just forgot about. It does smell lovely, and due to me working in a shop this is something that I need and use quite often, so having a lovely scent does help (I hate the smell of some hand sanitisers!). The scent of this one is hard to describe. It smells floral, clean and sweet. I have purchased another one of these in the past, and I really love the little gel beads they had in them (also in the hand cream) as I find they boost the smell when they burst.

I do really like these hand sanitisers and I do think they’re worth the £2.90. They leave my hands clean but not overly dry, and the nice smell is such a necessity for me.




The next item is one that i’ve struggled with for the whole month. The number 4 sugar texturing spray (£20) is something i really wanted to work and to love because my hair is something that I’m not very good with. Im always looking for something that will add texture to my hair that doesn’t need me to spend half an hour blowdrying it or anything. I had hopes that this was going to be the product, or atlas halfway there. Sadly though i didn’t find this did anything to my hair. I would follow the instructions perfectly and my hair just looks normal, no texture, nothing, just a fluffy, semi straight mess. I will continue to try with this spray, maybe I just need to get better at styling my hair?. I would love to be able to post a picture on Instagram in the future saying that my opinion of this was wrong and I just wasn’t using it properly, lets keep our fingers crossed.




The final item of this months box was the Huygens super nature cream (£25). Before trying this face cream, i read some reviews on the birch box store and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of people saying it did nothing. I was disappointed as everything this cream claims to do, is what I need. I began to try it anyway, not really expecting anything, and was quite shocked at how well I found it worked for my skin. It claims to even out skin, soothe and hydrate. I have definitely noticed my skin being more even and clear since using this, but bare in mind that I do still use my rosehip and sea buckthorn oil daily, though I am convinced that this cream works well with it. I’ve also noticed that when I do get spots they aren’t as red as usual and disappear a lot quicker. I’m sure how hydrating it is, it’s very thick but I haven’t noticed a difference in hydration, though again obviously its difficult to when I smother my face in oil as well.

I genuinely think this was my favourite thing from this months box and I am seriously considering buying the full size when my sample runs out, It is a key part of my skincare routine now.


That’s everything for this month’s birch box, I’m sorry this review was so much later than usual, I’ve been so busy this month and i really wanted to get a proper opinion on every product, but I hope you enjoyed reading nonetheless.

I will be back with a new blog post soon, but until then, have a lovely day!.



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