L’Oréal pure clay face wash review

I bought these 3 washes from Tesco months ago, because I thought I was grabbing the masks but picked up the wrong thing. They were £6 each which is quite expensive, but the bottles are big and the masks were so highly talked about, so I decided to give them a go anyway and have been using them ever since. They've recently come out in America and this reminded me that I never shared my experience and opinion on them, so, here I am.

The three washes are the pure clay detox wash, the pure clay glow scrub, and the pure clay purity wash. All of these cleansers have 3 clays, and each one has a fourth ingredient that is aimed at different skin needs.

The three clays are kaolin – which absorbs impurities and excess sebum, montmorillonite – which is rich in minerals and helps eliminate imperfections, & ghassoul – which is highly concentrated in minerals and helps clarify the complexion.

The one I was most excited about was the detox wash, as the fourth main ingredient is charcoal which is well known for drawing out impurities. Charcoal has been popping up everywhere in the skincare world recently and I couldn't wait to see what the excitement was about.

This face wash claims to cleanse, clarify, and detox.

After using this face wash for months I can say it is my favourite of the 3. I notice my pores are smaller after using it, blackheads are less noticeable, and my skin looks and feels smoother. This face wash is the one I use most consistently because I feel it is gentle on the skin, but cleans really well.

I love the smell of this face wash. It isn't a strong smell, and it isn't chemically. It smells fresh and clean.


The second face wash is the glow scrub. The fourth ingredient in this is red algae, which is known to brighten. As the name suggests, this is an exfoliating scrub, not just a face wash. I use a facial brush to cleanse my face anyway, so I don't usually need any extra exfoliation, but if I wash my face in the evening, I'll use this instead of using the brush.

This face scrub claims to cleanse, brighten, and exfoliate.

I will use this scrub when I feel my skin needs a bit of extra glow and when it's feeling a bit dull. I'll also use it after wearing makeup, or if I need to wash my face without using my facial brush. I do feel my skin is super soft after using this, and I always feel like my skin looks a little more radiant after, though that may just be because it's what I expect it to do (placebo affect?).

Again, this scrub smells nice and isn't overwhelming or nasty (like I was expecting, fish pond maybe).


The final of the three face washes is the purity wash. The fourth ingredient in this is eucalyptus which is purifying.

This face wash claims to cleanse, purify, and mattify.

I rarely use this face wash as it is an oil controlling one and my face is on the drier side at the moment. I also think that keeping my natural oils on my face is good for hydrating my skin. I only really use this in the summer when I'm a bit more oily, and I want my makeup to stay a bit better.

This one has the strongest and least nice smell in my opinion, but even then it isn't bad, and overpowering, it's just different.


All in all, as is shown by the fact I bought these at the beginning of the year, and are still using them, I really like these face washes. I have an obvious favourite, and plan on repurchasing once I've finished these.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Let me know if you've tried any of these face washes or the masks. Do I need them too?.
Thank you for reading!.


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