June birchbox uk 2017 review

I'm writing this, sat with the July box on my lap, so i think it's about time I write this. 

The theme for this months box was 'daytripping'. The cute little bag the products came In is perfect for travelling, and the products themselves are all quick and useful items to use on your holidays or day trips.

Upon receiving the box, or should I say bag, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of products. I loved the idea of having a little washbag instead of a box, little things like that really add to the subscription service. I chose the green option, but you could also choose yellow. 

This months 'box' also came with a 15% off voucher at an independent boutique called trouva. I always love when birchbox collaborates with and/or supports other brands like this. 

I will admit I wasn't over the moon about having another dry shampoo, but I have always wanted to try that brand so I can't complain. 

Let's start off with the amika perk up dry shampoo (£20). This all in all, is a good dry shampoo, but it is just that, a dry shampoo. There isn't anything overly special about it, though it does really smell quite wonderful. 

It doesn't leave your hair looking powdery, which I find I have trouble with as my hair is very dark!.

I would definitely NOT pay £20 for any dry shampoo, and I can get others that work just as well, if not better, for far less.


The second thing I tried was the cowshed cow pat hand cream (£8). This is a nice hand cream, it smells a bit grassy to me, which is a good sign that it's got natural ingredients, I think?. I do know that it has glycerin in it and that makes my hands quite sticky when it's warm, which I'm not a big fan of, but on cold days it works really well. 

This cream really leaves my hands soft and it does last a long time which is great. I don't know if I would buy this, it's a good hand cream but I don't think it is very special.


The third item I tried was the ARROW enhance waterproof eyeliner in bright now (£12). I've seen a lot of these brightening eyeliners and I was really excited to try it but was ultimately disappointed. I found that the pencil colour was very bright, something that I just really wasn't used to. Also the pencil got caught in my lower lashes and then I had pink clumps in my lashes which was unattractive and quite difficult to remove. The final thing was that the eyeliner didn't last more than a couple of minutes (except the clumps, they stayed put for a while!). 

I have only used this product once (I reapplied it a few times that one day, but I won't be reaching for this again any time soon sadly. 

I really hope this product worked for some people, it seemed really interesting and fun, and I really could have done with it working, these tired eyes need a few lies. 


There was another pencil product in June's birchbag which was the meechNmia brow liner (£12.99). I was super excited to try this as I don't do much with my eyebrows in terms of makeup and really want to try. I did like using this pencil, it seemed easy to use, not too soft, but also not so hard that it hurt. The only problem I have with it is that there are only 3 colours to choose from. There might have been another colour that was best suited for me, maybe not, but the one I was sent was a dark red toned brown, which my eyebrows are definitely not. I really need a deep cool toned brown, almost black. If they had a pencil that colour this would have been perfect, at least for an eyebrow newbie like me. 

If they ever do bring out a wider range of colours, or I find they do more colours not on the birchbox website I will definitely have a look at buying one. 


The final thing I received was the scrub love mango body scrub (£11.95). I'm the type of person that LOVES body scrub, the harsher the better, so I was super excited for this. 

Upon receiving it I reaslised I was sent the mango one, not the coffee one that I was expecting. I didn't mind this as much because I usually only use the scrub on my legs and any extra moisture is highly desired. The smell of this scrub is devine! I love mangoes and this is such a perfect fruity scrub, definitely my favourite part of showering now. The scrub is very course and isn't oily like other scrubs I've used so I found that a lot of the scrub wouldn't stick to my legs and would jut fall straight into the bathtub. I got used to wetting my legs and hands a lot before using it, and condensation from the shower moistened up the packet a little which was useful. I personally prefer oily/wet scrubs over really dry ones, but I also don't like gel/body wash scrubs where there is barely any scrub, I'm fussy when it comes to this. 

Overall this was a nice scrub to use, I don't feel like my legs were all that moisturised after using it and still have to apply as much lotion as before, but my legs felt very soft and smelled lovely. Not a miracle but still works pretty well. I would like to see how the coffee scrub works and see if the consistency is any different.


Overall June's birchbag wasn't the best I've had but it was really nice having some different things to try and I loved the bag aspect as well. 

Sorry this review is so late, I've been so busy at work I've had no time and no motivation either sadly. 

I will be back with julys review soon so keep your eyes peeled!.

Until my next post post, 

Em! x

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