Sinful colors X Kylie polish review

A few days ago I went out with my boyfriends family, and we went to an outlet centre. Of course I had to look around the beauty outlet there (surprisingly everyone liked it there, even the boys), and I spotted a few of the sinful colors X Kylie collaboration polishes (amongst other things that I'll be showing soon), so I chose a few to try. The shades I picked were 'kustom fit' & 'kleopatra' both from the 'denim and bling' collection.

One of the things I loved about these polishes, obviously apart from the fact that they're both beautiful, is the iridescent packaging. It's so stunning!.

The first polish I saw was 'Kustom fit' & it's a beautiful bright blue textured polish packed full of tiny silver and blue glitters.

I was worried that this polish would be thick or clumpy, and although it is a little thick (at least the bottle I got was), it's still smooth and easy to apply. The formula is actually very good, it isn't patchy at all, and I found it only needed two coats, but I could probably get away with one. The polish dries down in a matter of minutes which i love, there's nothing worse than walking around with wet nail varnish on. The polish does say that it's matte, but doesn't say anything about how textured it is when it dries. It does take 2 coats of top coat to smooth it out, but that's a small price to pay for the beautiful glittery colour. 

I did some simple nailart using 'kustom fit' and 'sugar daddy' from Essie as a sheer base. I applied one coat of 'sugar daddy' then a quick dry top coat. I let it fully dry for around an hour, then used striping tape to create the triangle on my nails. I painted inside the triangle with 'kustom fit' and immediately took the striping tape off. I waited for this to dry, and cleaned around my nails, then applied top coat. After half an hour or so I applied another coat of top coat.

I do have to say that after removing kustom fit, my nails and the skin around my nails looks quite stained. I could easily remove it with a hand scrub and water though.


The second polish I got was 'kleopatra', which is a grey based duochrome that shifts from pink/purple, to green/gold. 

I can never resist a duochrome, it's such a simple way to get amazing stand-out nails. The formula was lovely and smooth and just the right consistency, a little thinner than 'kustom fit'. It also took two coats, which actually impressed me as a lot of the other duochrome a I have are very sheer and take 3-4 coats. It has a very glossy finish and dries quickly. You can see brush strokes as you are painting the polish, but they dry down to barely visible.

I did some nailart using 'kleopatra' also. Another simple design, but I think it really shows it off well. I used 2 coats of a black base of 'blackjack 2' from collection and added a topcoat and let that dry for an hour. I then put two pieces of striping tape parallel down the centre of my nails and painted between them. I immediately removed the tape and after waiting for around 15 minutes I applied top coat. 


Overall I love both of these polishes and would love to try more of the polishes from the collaboration with kylie. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this review and my nail art. I really want to put more nail related posts up so I will try really hard to do that. 

Until then, or my next post, I hope you have many good days!


2 thoughts on “Sinful colors X Kylie polish review

  1. This was really cute, you’re great at nail art! I have one glittery polish by SinfulColors and I haven’t worn it in ages. I’m not a massive nail polish person, but this makes me want to test some out. Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m going through a creative block, but your comment really inspired me to try more nail art!
      You definitely should try, it’s so easy to do and it makes me feel super happy when I have my nails done 😄


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