May 2017 birchbox UK Review

Hello everyone. I woke up a few days ago realising that it was almost half way through 2017, and that shook me a little. I can remember Christmas like it was last week! It's true what they say, that the years fly by once you turn 18!.

Anyway, another month, means another birchbox, and I was super super excited when I opened this box. For me this was the best looking box I had received since being subscribed, both in packaging and in products. 

The box design for this month was a sleek marble design that perfectly fit the months theme 'its all in the detail'. The drawer inside was also baby pink!. I loved this design and colour combination, as I had previously done some pink and marble nail art, so I thought it was such a happy coincidence. 

Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by what I had received. Usually I would know as I can check what is being sent to me on my birchbox app, but for some reason this month it was still saying my box was being packed, when I was holding it in my hand. 

The products in the box this month were all so exciting to me, instead of maybe one or two stand out products. 

Being such a big fan of both makeup and skin/hair care, this box was perfect and each item was aimed at something I had concerns on, or wanted to improve. 


The first product I pulled out of the box was the marsk eyeshadow in vanilla frosting(£14.49). This is the item we had options for, as we could choose between a white, or a black shadow. I chose not to specify as I don't have either a white or black shadow so I thought I could make use of it either way. That being said, I am very happy that I received the white as I think they are usually easier to use than darker colours, such as black. There's a little more room for error with a white. 

Once I finally managed to pull the plastic cover out of the little pot (which took a good 10 minutes), I realised that the shadow is actually pearlescent. This wasn't a problem or a negative, I just wasn't expecting anything more than a plain white. 

Swatching the shadow showed how bright and pretty it is, though it seemed a little patchy. You can see that it is brighter on some areas than others. 

When I tried wearing this on my eyes I noticed that same problem again, I felt like I had to really pile on the product to make it a consistent colour, even with a white eyeshadow base underneath. 

It does say that you can apply the eyeshadow with a wet brush, which I haven't tried, but I feel like that may help the consistency of the pigment. 

I feel like this product would be good also as a highlighter for fairer skin tones, and a great inner eye and brow bone highlight. 

I will definitely use this shadow and I do really like it. It can be a bit messy as it is such a fine powder, but the pot has quite a lot in so it should last a long time, as long as you don't drop it on the floor (I'm guilty of doing that a lot).

 I am quite interested in seeing what the black eyeshadow is like now that I have tried the white, I wonder if it is also a shimmer shadow. 


The second thing I pulled from the box was the other makeup item. This was the mini doucce volumizing mascara(£18). I really liked the packaging of this mascara, nice and simple. I have been meaning to buy a new mascara for a while now so I was hoping this did a good job. 

I pulled the wand out to see what it looked like, and I can't tell whether it's because the mascara is mini, or whether the brush head is just VERY big, but at first I found it hilarious!. It reminded me a little bit of a Christmas tree. When I actually came to use the mascara, I did find it a little difficult to get some parts of my lashes, due to the shorter wand, but that was the sample size, not a problem with the mascara itself, which I actually really love. I find that it lengthens my lash, it doesn't make them look clumpy, it really does add a bit of volume, and it is well and truly black. What more could you ask for?. 

I know that I would definitely buy the full size version of this mascara, it is the best mascara I've tried so far, it does everything I want it to. 

Left - mascara, right - bare lashes
This picture shows my lashes with the mascara on (left), compared to my naked lashes (right).


The next thing I grabbed was the keushi shine and volumizing hair mask(£10.50). I have been trying to help my hair for a year or so now. For some reason the end of my hair is very dry and brittle and it thins out very suddenly. So with that in mind I have been looking for hair treatment and masks to help look after it better, which is why I was so excited to receive this mask. 

I have tried it a few times now so I feel I have a good impression of how well it works. The first thing I noticed is that you have to use quite a lot of product, so I can't see it lasting long. After washing and drying my hair, it does look very shiny, but not any more voluptuous. I also don't feel like it had any long term benefits to my damaged hair. 

I will continue to use the sample, but most likely will not be buying the full size. This product did disappoint me a bit, as I find it so hard to find something that actually helps my hair, and has high hopes for this. My search for hair products that actually help, continues. 


The fourth thing I grabbed was the whish firming body cream (£27).

I was very skeptical at first because I've never used a cream that is supposed to help firm the body but After using it I do feel like it helped firm the areas I applied it. The only downside is that it needs to be applied daily which I don't often apply body lotion daily, Purely because my skin isn't very dry and doesn't need the extra moisture. This means I did have to make adjustments to my routine, and I have forgotten to do it some days. I feel with consistent use this cream would work well!. I did notice also that the tube was not as full as could be. And I have to really squeeze the tube to get the cream out, but that may just be the sample, but it does make me think twice about buying the full size just in case. Overall I'm very 50/50 with this, if I was someone who was used to applying body cream daily I would definitely go for it.


The final item from this months box was the Dr Brandt poredermabrasion (£43) which I was intrigued by. I'm always into skincare, but I wasn't quite sure how this was going to be any different to any other face wash. 

When I first tried it, I did like both the texture, and the directions for using it. Letting it soak into the skin for 2 minutes reminded me of using a face mask which I liked, and the fine grainy texture felt right for exfoliation. A day or so after using this product, I did get a few spots on my face so I was instantly put off by this, but as it was coming close to that time of the month I thought the spots could be down to that, so I should give it another chance. I have used it twice since then and haven't broken out either of those times so I've concluded that this works well with my skin. After using my skin felt smooth and looked lovely, but it wasn't as noticeable a difference as I was hoping for the price of the product. It also doesn't do anything for blackheads which my current face wash does, so I will use the sample but not buy the full size. 

Another thing to point out, and this may just be the sample size, but the bottle was only about a quarter of the way filled up, if that. It doesn't seem like a good size to be able to truly see the benefits of this exfoliator. If the same applies to the full size, it would be even less value for the money. 

Overall, this product disappointed me immensely, I had such high expectations and it didn't do any more than a face wash worth a couple pounds. 


Overall this box had some highs, and some very lows, but is still say it was one of the best boxes I've received , just in terms of different products and brands. There are some products in this box that is really consider buying the full size on!. My highlight of this box is definitely the mascara. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and found it useful. Please feel free to look through my other blog posts, and follow me on instagram and twitter (lipsnailslife) To see my non-blog posts. 

Until next time, Em! ☺️

One thought on “May 2017 birchbox UK Review

  1. Loved the design of this box and the products look so pretty, that mascara is hilarious though & I love your Christmas reference. Not long and we’ll be back there.
    Vicky x

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