Skin 79 rice bubble cleansing sheet mask review

I decided to cash in some of my birchbox points (which they no longer offer so I'm bitter) and one of the things I chose from that order was this rice bubble mask (£2.60).

I was intrigued by the idea of a bubbling face, plus I thought it would be a bit of fun. 

This face mask claims to "provide sebum care and skin clearing effect with rice bubbles" which I thought would be good as my skin has been suffering a little lately. 

The instructions for this mask say you should cleans your face, and use a toner prior to putting the mask on. You should massage the mask in the package to evenly distribute the serum. You then place the mask on your face, wait 10 minutes for the bubbles to appear then rinse your face. 

I did as the instructions said and washed my face, used a toner and then rubbed the mask in the packaging. Upon opening the package I noticed it was already frothy. I put the mask on my face anyway and just left it for the 10 minutes. I noticed as I was waiting that the mask was very heavy, and kept sliding down my face which was quite annoying. By the time the 10 minutes were over there was a layer of Bubbles about and inch think, on my face. I removed the mask and rinsed the remaining serum off.

My skin did feel smooth after using this mask but I didn't notice much of a difference initially. 

As you can see there isn't a huge difference between directly before and after using the mask. The main difference I noticed was when I woke the next morning and my skin looked more clear and felt very smooth. The pores on my cheeks around my nose, are the largest on my face, and they did look noticeably smaller after this mask. 

I didn't notice any irritation when using this mask, but the bubbles appearing and popping on my skin did make my face feel a little tingly. I would say that it was still comfortable to wear though. 

I am very 50/50 with this mask. it was a little strange having my face covered in bubbles, and having to pull the mask up every 5 seconds, but, It did make my skin look and feel more smooth and clear. 

All in all there were only minor inconveniences with this mask and there was a small, but noticeable difference. I think I prefer masks that you wash off, so a sheet mask would have to be amazing for me to repurchase it. If you like sheet masks, and are in need of a gentle clean, and smoother skin then this mask should work for you, but I do think you could get other masks that do the job better. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, please leave me feedback either, my instagram, or tweet me! All @lipsnailslife. 

Thank you for reading! Until next time,

Em ☺️

6 thoughts on “Skin 79 rice bubble cleansing sheet mask review

    1. I agree! It’s a good thing they’re often quite cheap! I like the hydrating ones as I can always feel a difference, but the ones that claim to make skin look better I find don’t work as well imo 😭☺️

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      1. Ahhh see I have really pigmented cheeks (thank you Irish skin 😂) so ones that claim brighten are great! Well they are great for me to test and see if they actually do it!

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      2. Ah, well I’m glad they work for you! My main problem is texture and acne scars and sadly I’ve never found a sheet mask that targets that, or really makes a difference to it 😩 they’re always fun to do anyway so I’d never say no 😂

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