Review of Garnier skin active matcha & kaolin purifying mask

I recently went on a bit of a face mask spree and bought a few too many. The first one I tried was this one from Garnier. 

I loved the sound of the purifying aspect as my skin, despite cleaning everyday, is spot prone and oily. 

You smooth the clay like mixture across your face and leave it for 19 minutes. 

The matcha tea and kaolin clay mask sets out to clean, refresh, and matify the skin. Initially when taking it off, you should see that impurities appear removed, and skin appears matified. Long lasting effects should be that the skin appears purified and rebalanced.

The mask tingles a little when you wear it, and it’s both warm and cold when wearing it, but it isn’t uncomfortable in my opinion. 

Straight after removing the mask I saw that my skin appeared softer, smoother, and calmer. My skin tone seemed slightly more even, brighter, and balanced too. 

My skin stayed more matified during that day I also noticed, which is great for me, working long shifts and not having opportunity to wash my face during these.

I definitely saw improvement in my skin after using this mask, and will be buying and using this again. 

I purchased this mask from Tesco for £1.50 per sachet.

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