My nail care routine

So, I’m a very big fan of taking care of your body, be it hair care, skin care, or nail care. I often throughout the week spend a good half an hour, even an hour at times going through my ‘routines’ for either my hair, skin, or nails because I absolutely love trying to better myself and finding new things that work for me. 

I’ve bought a few things recently that have greatly improved my nails and they’re now a key part of my nail care routine. This routine has seen me filing my nails down every few days because of how quickly my nails grow, and I haven’t had a break in months now. I’ve come to realise how important it is to take care of your nails properly to get the most out of them, and they now look the best they ever have, and I couldn’t be happier. 

I want to share my routine, and the products that I use that have really helped me get a handle on my nails health. 

Although the picture was taken a few weeks ago, so they’re a little shorter, and a tiny bit more stained than they currently are, it shows how healthy my nails and cuticles are. 


The first step to my nail care routine is removing any old nail polish, even if it is just a base coat. I love seeing my nails after just removing polish as they look so clean and bright. 

The nail polish removers I like to use, depending on what is on my nails, are:

  • Cutex nourishing nail polish remover – this moisturises my nails as it removes polish, and it brightens them slightly. This has a slightly creamy smell which I find quite pleasant.
  • Cutex moisture guard nail polish remover – this also moisturises as it removes polish, and brightens also. This one smells slightly citrusy, I think it’s lime, which I find nice.
  • Superdrug artificial nail remover concentrated acetone formula – this is basically just pure acetone. I rarely use this to remove nail varnish, even glitter varnish, it is mainly for cleaning up around the edge of nail art. Very strong smell. 
  • Classic nail polish remover – this is just a general nail polish remover, it removes nail polish efficiently and doesn’t smell too strong. 
  • Acetone free nail polish remover – this one is the hardest to remove polish with obviously, but I use it when I have a gel base coat on. Faint smell. 


The second step in my nail routine is removing the cuticles. This is a step that isn’t in my everyday routine, because I don’t need to do it every time I do my nails. If I keep my cuticles hydrated I can go through a few manis without having to remove or clean up my cuticles. 

When I do like to do my cuticles, these are the products I use:

  • Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover – this is a gel that you put on your cuticles and it softens the skin. I use a wooden cuticle stick to push back and remove my cuticles. I use this when my cuticles look really bad.
  • Kikomilano intensive hand and foot scrub – I like to rub a little of the scrub into each nail and then buff it with a nail scrubbing brush. I only use this when my cuticles are a little shabby looking, as it doesn’t really shape my cuticles or push them back, just does remove dry skin. 


I then like to apply a hand cream and cuticle oil/balm to give my hands some moisture and to get my nails ready for filing.

(I will be posting a separate post about my hand creams soon, so I will only go into detail about my cuticle balms and oils.)

The products I use are:

  • Sally Hansen vita surge strength gel – sally hanse sell 3 of these gels, but I find the strength gel is the best one for my nail care needs. The gel has little bubbles in it that you massage into the cuticle and nail to help stop brittleness and renew moisture.
  • Strictly professional cuticle oil – I like this oil because it comes in a nicely sized bottle, with a nozzle that releases just the right amount of oil at a time, and it uses lemon oil, which makes it smell lovely, and adds another layer of protection to my nails that I don’t get from many products.
  • Essie apricot cuticle oil – this was the first cuticle oil I bought, and I love the smell, and the brush aplicator, and it sinks into the skin nicely and quickly.
  • Cuccio cuticle revitalising oil – this oil comes in a big round bottle with a dropper applicator which is good for getting just the right amount of oil. The smell is wonderful and the oil really moisturises my nails. This is one of my favourite nail care products.
  • Badger cuticle care balm – I saw a lot of great reviews of this balm, so much so, that I bought 3 of these balms at once. The smell is citrusy and the balm is like a solid oil. Takes a few seconds to warm up, then it creates almost a moisture layer over cuticles. It lasts for a very long time and a little goes a very long way! I have noticed the most improvement since using this balm. This is another nail favourite. 
  • Burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream – this is a product that I’m sure a lot of people have tried. It’s well known for being a great cuticle product. I love the smell and the cream melts into the cuticle and nail. It looks like it creates a barrier of moisture across the nail. This is an old favourite of mine.
  • Sally Hansen cuticle eraser and balm – this isn’t a product that I reach for often. It does it’s job and softens and hydrated the nail, I just find that not all of it sinks into the nail and cuticle and I often find it just stays on my nail. 


Once my nails and cuticles are moisturised, I like the take this time to file my nails if they need it. My nails grown quite quickly, but I’m also not very good at filing my nails straight, so I find myself touching up the filing most times I do my nails. 

I just like to use normal emery boards to file my nails. I have tried many files and haven’t really noticed a difference in my nails with any of them. 

I always make sure that after I file my nails, I use a wooden cuticle stick to remove the layers of that I filed but that get caught under my nail, if I don’t it comes back to haunt me when I am painting my nails and trying to cap the tip.


After I moisturised my nails I like to leave them to really sink into my nails if I am not doing anything. I will leave my nails naked for anything up to a few hours to really get the benefits of the products. 

There are also times when I don’t have time to sit around and let my nails soak them in for hours, times when I will be busy and cannot let my nails stay naked for so long. When one of these times comes about, I leave my nails for as long as possible, and then, using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover, I clean the nail. I will then put my base coat on, and put another layer of one of my many moisturisers back on to make sure my nails stay moisturised. 


That is my entire nail care routine, here are a few pictures of some of the products I’ve mentioned in this blog. 

Sally Hansen Cuticle eraser and balm

Burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream

Badger cuticle care balm
Cuccio cuticle revitalising oil
Essie apricot cuticle oil

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you found it interesting, or found something you would like to try for yourself.

Until next time, Em 😍

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