Gemstone nails with gold caviar

I have seen a lot of nail art using gel polish that use a sheer nude/white/pink and layer it over iridescent sheet shards and have a little colour over the top (that explanation) and I always love how they look. I really wanted to try to recreate how they looked, and that’s what led to this mani. 

I used Essie ‘vanity fairest’ as my sheer nude, and just a blue, pink, and purple polish thinned out with polish thinner. 

The iridescent sheet I bought from amazon, as well as the gold caviar balls. 

I used ‘star dust’ from Wikkid polish, and secure bite top coat. 

I loved the Look of these nails. They looked so cute, and classy and I’m already thinking of other ways to try this design.

What do you think of these? Would you wear them? Would you try to recreate them yourself? 

Thank you for readying! 

Until next time,

Em! 😝

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