MUA Luxe Velvet lip lacquers review 

I recently grabbed 3 of the MUA Luxe Velvet lip lacquers from my local boots to try out. I follow MUA on Instagram and have seen these lip lacquers multiple times, and although the selection in my boots was small, I still managed to choose 3 that I liked. 

The three shades are:

‘Tranquility’ – a peachy light brown nude shade. At first I thought this was too light for my skin tone, but as it dried it darkened and was a lot easier to wear. 

‘Dash’ – a dark rosy pink. This is my favourite shade and very easy for me to wear on a daily basis, this is the closest shade to my natural lip colour.

‘Firecracker’ – a dark berry red. These are the colours I often go for on my lips so I had to get this. I always find darker colours a little harder to apply neatly but it is worth it, and manageable if I try really hard.

These are swatches of each colour whilst still wet.

This shows the lip colours after drying. As you can see they dry a little darker.

After trying these lip colours multiple times, I can say that as well as lasting for multiple hours, drinks and meals, it was also very comfortable and didn’t dry my lips out. 

I will definitely be buying more of these lip lacquers and I hope you try some out too!

Until next time,

Em :3



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