NYX liquid suede swatch/review

Now im no makeup artist but in the past few months I have really let myself experiment and learn about makeup. 
So I recently bought these 3 NYX liquid suede liquid lipsticks from my local boots as they had just opened a nyx stall. I follow nyx, and multiple makeup artists(enthusiasts) so I know that nyx is a good quality, favourite of the make up world, and I’m excited to find out they arent expensive either! I’ve only got one or two other liquid lipsticks and I’ve found them a little difficult to use because of them drying to matte. These though, dry to a semi matte finish and with a little practice I successfully painted my lips, and only my lips (After many attempts, and looking like a clown)! 

The three shades I have are (front the back) ‘soft-spoken’, ‘cherry skies’, and ‘vintage’. 

Soft spoken is very easy to wear as it’s so natural, and although cherry skies and vintage are dark, they are only slightly tricky, but as I said I haven’t had much practice.  

This picture is swatches of the lipsticks, from left to right, ‘soft-spoken’, ‘cherry skies’, and ‘vintag’. 

As you can see, ‘soft spoken’ is a light brown beige nude.

‘Cherry skies’ is a beautiful deep campy red.

And ‘vintage’ is a dark, dusty purple. 

Dark colours, and brownish nudes are my favourite colours to wear on my lips, and although my make up skills aren’t amazing I’m still never shy to try and brave the bright bold colours.

I hope you enjoyed this review and swatch, I know it isn’t to do with nails, but this is also something I enjoy and live, so I hope you respect that and enjoy it with me!.

Until next time, Em! 💋

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