Smooshy autumn nails

Although I don’t really like the colours associated with autumn(fall) such as yellow, red, and orange, it felt right to use them for these nails. I used a variety of polishes for this look, and a stamper and nail art Matt instead of directly on the nail. I love the effect this has, and perfectly shows the transition of green, to yellow, to red, of the leaves at this time of year.

The five polishes I used to create this are ‘butterscotch’ by PS from primark (orangey yellow), ‘wicked’ by essie (deep red), yellow colour paint by OPI, an unnamed orange polish, and ‘beige babe’ from Rommel London salon pro (brown). 

I painted a base of the yellow colour paint on my nail art Matt and then 3-4 dots of the other colours before using the stamper to blend the colours together, not too much, but just enough for there to be an obvious blend, but not a mixing of the colours. 

I used barryM ‘diamond glitter’ on top, and then ‘seche vite’ top coat. 

I loved wearing these naiks, especially as the pointer finger blended differently and turned green, which adds to the effect of the changing seasons. 

I hope you like these nails! Hopefully I’ll be posting blogs more often! I’m excited to create more autumn nails.

Until next time, Em! 😄

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