Wikkid polish review

I was recently was sent two polishes from Sarah from Wikkid polish to review and I was beyond excited, partly because I’ve never had any indie polish before, and also because the two polishes she sent me were both unlike any polish I had before. 

The first polish I tried was a beautiful holographic glitter called star dust.

Nail shot of star dust

In this picture I’m wearing one coat of star dust on my index and middle finger, and two coats on my ring and pinky finger. As you can see, the glitter is very fine and quite packed. Everything about this polish is beautiful, and the glitters catch every little bit of light. 

Bottle shot of star dust

Bottle shot of star dust
Bottle shot of star dust

The second polish Sarah sent me was a beautiful multi-chrome called pallene. This is my first multi-chrome polish so I was so excited to try it. This polish changes from a deep green, to gold, to purple. 

In this picture I used two coats of pallene over one coat of black polish. 

Nail shot of Pallene
Bottle shot of Pallene
Bottle shot of Pallene
Bottle shot of Pallene
Bottle shot of Pallene

These polishes were both easy to work with and the formula was amazing on both. I understand why people buy indie polish as the quality is so good, and they’re beautiful!. 

These polishes have already been worn by myself and my mum, and we both agree they’re amazing, and this is only 2 of Sarah’s vast collection. 

If you want to visit Sarah and check out/buy some of her polish, her Instagram is @manigranny.wikkidpolish and her website is http://www.wikkidpolish.co.uk.

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful polishes and my review, please ask any questions you have regarding these polishes.

Until next time, Em 😊

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