Glitter colour block

Having seen a lot of colour block nail designs, and realising it’s an easy way to get fun, colourful nails for summer. I’ve never attempted anything like this before so I thought it was time!.

I have this glitter polish, that I’ve never known how to use it, but I think it’s gorgeous and I thought I might as well try it for this, and thankfully it worked quite well. 

The glitter I used is BarryM ‘atlantis’ which I used about 2 coats of. I waited for this to dry then added a coat of save the nail 45 second topcoat. 

I used blue electric tape to paint on the blocks. The 3 colours I used were Avon ‘sapphired up’ (blue), Emily the strange ‘mystery pink’ (pink), and Models Own ‘lilac icing’ (lilac). 

I waited for the first block to dry on each nail completely (about 15 minutes) before painting on the second block. 

I waited for the final block to dry before applying seche vite quick dry topcoat and using acetone to clean around the edges. 

I loved these nails more than I expected, I loved the colours together, and the little section of glitter is very cute to me, plus having a little bit of my bare nail showing is unusual for which I enjoyed. 

I hope you enjoyed these nails, and maybe try them yourself! 

Until next time, Em! 

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