Twin nails with @nails_with_emily (ig)

I’ve recently been taking part in a lot of mani swaps, collages/collab, and twin nails, this one is the first, and it’s a twin nail with a lovely girl I met on Instagram! Her name is Emily, just like me!
At first we were not sure whether we wanted to do a mani swap, or twin nails, but as we both have limited nail supplies, we though it would be easier to create a similar nail look instead of exact copy’s!.


These are our nails together! Nails_with_emily came up with the design, and I just recreated it using what I had. I absolutely loved the design, it was so creative, and I never think to use so many techniques in one look!
As you can see, I did purple stripes instead of chevrons, as I don’t have any vinyls or stamps like that, and I also did a marble dot of pink and yellow instead of the gems that NWE used! The stamping design is also different. I thought it was fun to adapt the design and try new techniques to come up with similarities.


The base purple was ‘pukka purple’s from models owns iced neons collection. The darker purple for the stripes was ‘midnight’ from Avon. To create the stripes I used my ‘mini magic workshop’ from moyou london, and a stamp from the pro plate 01, also from moyou London. I painted a thin topcoat and waited for it to dry, then using my clear kolidescope stamper I layered the stripes til they were opaque.
The gradient was ‘pukka purple’s, ‘mystery pink’ from Emily the strange, an unnamed orange polish, and ‘chin up, buttercup’s from Rimmel. The stamp was using ‘black knight’s stamping polish from moyou London, and pro stamping plate XL 10.
To make the marble dots, I swirled together ‘chin up, buttercup’s and ‘mystery pink’ and used a dotting tool.

I really enjoyed doing this twin mani and it was nothing like what I’ve done before!
I hope you like it and check out mine, and @nails_with_emily’s Instagram pages!.
Until next time,
Em! 🙌😄

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