Jamberry nail wraps: review


I was recently sent some samples of jamberry nail wraps, and I was beyond excited. For someone who loves nail art, and beautifully designed nails, yet has no freehand skills, nail wraps has always looked like a great product for me. Jamberry is the most famous one that I’ve heard of, especially hearing that they are now available in the UK! I spoke to a few Instagrammers and got sent a few samples to try.

The whole concept of nail wraps were 100% new to me, but they came with little instructions, and luckily they are so easy to apply. I’m by no means an expert, I’ve only used these wraps 3 separate times (though one time I did all 10 nails!), I want to say how at least I applied them.

I started by prepping my nails (cleaning, filing, cleaning the cuticles, cleaning again).
I then lined my nails up and found which wrap fit my nails best.
Once I had chosen my nail wrap, I cut it in half, so I could use one wrap for 2 nails (the same nail on each hand).
The next step(s) I feel you need to do quite quickly to get the best results. I peel one of the halves off of the plastic sheet it comes on, and with a hair dryer (as I don’t have a jamberry wrap heater) I heat the wrap up for around 5 seconds before quickly, but carefully lining it up on my nail and pressing it down firmly. Once it’s fully pressed down, using downwards motions, file the end of the wrap off to get a smooth finish.
Finally heat the wrap on your nail again for 3-5 seconds and press it down, making sure you secure the edges! If you have a rubber pusher or anything like that, it would be best to use that!.


One of the things I love about these wraps is how versatile they are. They can be used as an accent nail alongside polish, an accent nail over the top of polish, or you can mix n match, or use a set for you whole hand.

If like me you have a large collection of nail varnish you should find it now problem to find a matching polish to each of your wraps.


These wraps are a good alternative to nail polish, and even manicures you get at a salon as they promise to last at least a week, but I’m sure you can squeeze at least 2 out of it.
My wraps lasted at least 4 days, but then I obviously wanted to change up my nail design. Another great thing about that wraps is they’re so easy to remove!!.

Overall I think these wraps are really great! Jamberrys website has an amazing amount of designs for you to choose from so you never need to worry about having naked nails again. And if you’re someone who likes easy nails, that last a while they’re perfect for you!

I hope you found this review helpful! If you want any information on jamberry nail wraps @nails_by_jam, @cheryljams, & @chronicnails on Instagram are where I got my nail wraps from and I know they’d be more than happy to answer your questions and send you a sample.
Even more, if you’re in the UK and you’re looking to make more money in your spare time, they are looking for people to join their team to help sell jamberry!

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid to write any of this, this is just my honest opinion & information I learned about these wraps. I was sent them for free and chose to review it myself.

Until next time!
Em! 😝

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