Pink gradient with black glitter


I had stocked up on sponges for gradients, so that was the obvious first choice of what nail art to do. I rummaged through my nail varnish and surprisingly my eyes kept drifting back to these 2 pink colours. I’m not a girl whom particularly likes pink, and I rarely ever choose to wear it, but I thought pairing it with a cool black polish would be nice, and luckily it worked out and I ended up loving this manicure.

I started out by cleaning and prepping my nails, then applying a basecoat. I applied a coat of white polish on my middle and ring finger to make the gradient pop. The two ‘pinks’ I used were ‘lilac icing’ and ‘purple bandana’ by models own. Now both of these colours are called purple, but look very much pink to me!.
On the thumb, pointer, and pinky finger I used ‘black sequins’ by Avon. I usually hate and polish that isn’t glossy, but I can’t get enough of this textured black. I used 2 coats of this.
Although my nails looked very cute by this point, I felt something was wrong. Maybe it was just the pink starting to overwhelm me. I used my moyou London pro xl 10 plate and some black polish to add stamping over my gradient. I love the stamping design I used, it’s one of my favourites that I have.
I finished by apply seche vite topcoat to just my middle and ring finger.

I hope you like this nail design, and sorry I haven’t posted in a while. If you know me on Instagram, you’ll know I posted this a while back. I’ve been busy and often away from home for too long, and I’ll admit to being lazy about my blog, but I’m hoping to catch up with my Instagram and get back into the swing of things!

Until next time!!
Em! :3

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