Leopard/cheetah print nail collab

I recently took part in a nail art collab with 4 other nail artists from Instagram, we decided the theme of our collab should be cheetah print, but we’d style it however we wanted. This is the finishing results


As you can see, we all had completely different ideas on how to work leopard print into our manis.
My mani, (middle left) was inspired by a mani I saw on the #leopardprintnails on Instagram, I loved the colours, and the use of dark grey instead of black to outline the spots.


The three polishes used in these nails were BarryM ‘pit stop’ for the light grey base, Models Own ‘lilac icing’ for the pink spots, and Eve Snow London ‘film noir’ for the outline of the spots. I absolutely adore the colour combination, and I think it’s a leopard print look that’s quite uncommon.

I hope you like these nails, and if you’re interested in doing a collab, mani swap, or bestie twin nails (etc) with me I’d be more than happy to, I hope to do a lot more in the future.
Thank you for readying.
Until next time,
Em! :3

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