Clairestelle8mar:inspired by clothes(9)


I found it so hard to decide what to do these nails on. At first I was going to do them inspired by a tip I own, but couldn’t due to the fact my nails were horribly stained from the green polish in my last mani. After much Instagram research, I found this outfit on Demi location and instantly fell in love with its simplicity yet combination of contrasting colours, and it’s classiness.


I started out painting the pointer and pinky finger black, using ‘blackjack’ from collection. The colour I used for the base of the thumb, middle and ring finger was ‘pit stop’ by barrym which is more of a grey than cream, but was the closest I had, and luckily it’s light enough to not be a big difference. It took about 3 coats for it to be opaque. I creates the crosshatch pattern using acrylic paint and a small craft brush. I painted the lines and then, with little paint on the brush, I dabbed along the lines to create the ‘fuzzy’ appearance.
I topped it with seche vite and cleaned around the edges.

I personally thought that, if I had maybe made them more even and similar, these nails would have looked really cute and smart. I still loved them, the colour combination is one of my favourites (black and grey, do they count as colours? I’m such a bore). If anyone knows Demi and she doesn’t want this outfit anymore I’d be more than happy to take it!

I hope you enjoy these nails, and maybe find some inspiration in the nails I post! Have you ever painted your nails inspired by something? I find it so difficult!
Until next time!
Em! 😀

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