Clairestelle8mar: Sport(5)


The second prompt for clairestelle8mar was sports. Now I’m not a very sporty person, but my boyfriend loves cricket, so that was the obvious choice!. I had to do a bit of research on it because I’m not very familiar with it, or anything to do with it, but I pulled some things together and got them done.

The green I used on the middle and pinky finger is ‘lime em up’ by seventeen. As much as I love the colour, it is very sheer and needed 3-4 coats, plus it stains so bad, even with basecoat. I used ‘jazz’ by Essie to paint the bat and wickets. The black was acrylic paint, and the orange was ‘hopscotch’ by ciate.
The ring finger was 2 coats of ‘boudoir’ by ciate London, I added a little bit of white to create a lighter red for the seam of the ball, and used white acrylic paint for the stitching.
I used ‘French white’ by collection on the pointer finger and acrylic paint for the England logo.
I finished it with a coat of Claire’s matte topcoat.

I wasn’t huge on these nails, as I don’t really like themed nails like this, but they were fun to make and to try something new like this.
I hope you like them!
Em! :3

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