Clairestelle8mar: blue(2)


I decided this month to take part in a nail art challenge, I’m always trying to find new inspiration for nail art, and the prompts help to narrow down ideas. I looked through a few, but I followed clairestelle8 on Instagram (both accounts) and so her challenge was the obvious choice, plus the prompts were just so good!.

Considering I was already wearing ‘sapphired up’ from Avon’s new gel shine range, I thought there was no point changing it, I’d just add some more blue to it!. I stamped 2 polishes over the top using moyou pro stamping plate 02. The two polishes were Avon’s ‘Arctic steel’ from the metallic effects range, and models own ‘ chrome turquoise’ from the chrome range. Then finished with seche vite.

I chose the stamp because it reminded me if circuit boards, which aren’t usually blue, but I kinda felt it so why not?. I think they looked cool 😎.

I loved the way this mani because of how glossy the blue was, and I enjoyed having the metallic colours, because I don’t often use them. Plus blue is like, my favourite colour so, it was always gonna be good!!

I hope you like these nails!
I can’t wait to show you what I come up with for the rest of the month!
Em! :3

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