Sapphired up by Avon – Review


I recently received a bottle of ‘sapphired up’ from Avon’s new gel shine range, out mid march. I’m a big fan of Avon nail varnish and have many of their polishes already, so I was super excited to receive this!. I saw a picture of this colour on @natashasbeautybar on Instagram and was instantly in love with the colour. When she received it, she told me it was lighter than the picture showed, which worried me, but I was happy to learn the polish dries a bit darker than in the bottle.


Gel shine is the sister range to Avon’s current gel finish range. They are bringing out their new collection mid march, date yet to be released, and it includes 24 polishes as far as I know, ranging from darker colours, like this one, to bright, summery colours .


This polish applied with absolutely no problems. It was opaque in 1 coat for me, but I applied 2 just to make sure (and because I love putting nail varnish on – I have a problem…). It is super glossy and there were no brush lines, it looked as though it already had top coat on. It was easy to clean up, didn’t stain, which I know some dark blues can.
This is an amazing colour in my opinion. I know there’s always trouble finding a dark blue, that doesn’t look black on the nails, and this one manages to keep its beautiful colour. It’s so easy to wear this colour! I’m just in love with it!

I’ll definitely be getting more from this collection when it comes out! I hope you all do too!
Do you want more swatches and reviews on the blog?
Em!! 🙂



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