Vampy heart mani


This is the second time I said I’m not gonna do something, and have then gone and done it, but its valentines day so I could hardly avoid pink hearts!.
The vampy red base colour, essies ‘wicked’ completely transforms this manicure though. This colour is one of my favourites, its so cool and elegant, if I had to wear one colour for the rest of my life, it would 100% be this!!

The other colours, making up the heart, are also colours I used in my last manicure, as when it comes to pinks and reds, I don’t have a lot of variety, and what I do have, I don’t like much of so… This time of year includes a lot of very similar nails.
The colours are, a light pink from lovable luxuries which I think can be found in primary, but doesn’t have a name, ‘mystery pink nail polish’ from Emily the strange, and ‘chrome red’ from models own. I finished it off with seche vite, as always.

I have 1 more valentines nail art to post, I hope you have found some inspiration for valentines day, or any other day tbh.
Until next time, Em! 😀

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