Pink dry brush


I had to do some pink nails, it is the month of love and romance and soft squishyness after all! Plus dry brush is my favourite nail art technique, I love how it can look, and by using different colours, or adding glitter, you can completely change up your Mani!.

Anyway, I started with 3 coats of a lightish pink polish from a company called lovable luxeries. It doesn’t have a name, but it does say its from primary beauty. I got it for Christmas a few years back so I’m not quite sure. I then used the dry brush technique with, in this order, ‘mystery pink nail polish’ from Emily the strange, ‘chrome red’ from models own, ‘angel’ from angelica (primary brand), ‘fit for a queen’ from ciate, and ‘wicked’ by Essie. I topped it with seche vite.

That’s the simplest nail art ever, but I love the different layers and effects, with metallic, glitter, and creme polishes.

I hope you like this nail art look!
Until next time my lovelys! Em! 🙂

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