Pink glittery nails with black hearts


I really wanted to do something super cute, and use some amount of pink, but not go overboard. I thought these were really cute though, and simple, as the hearts could be changed for anything.

For the gradient background I used Essie ‘bikini so teeny’, China glaze ‘my way or the highway’ and w7 ‘party pick’ I think its called. I used mainly bikini so teeny and party pick, but wanted my way or the highway to add a bit of teal so that it wasn’t so pinky. I then used a coat of Orly ‘explosion of fun’ to blend the colours together and to add some holo and iridescence. What I love about this glitter is that it has a thin iridescent sheen to it, that come out blueish.
I used black acrylic paint and a dotting tool to make the black hearts, and finished it off with seche vite.

I would more than happily wear these on valentines, or any other day because they’re cute, but not overly pink, which is good for me!!.

I hope you like these nails!
Until next time, Em! :3

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