Heart stitch nails


I want to try to do as many valentine Mani’s as I can before Feb 14th, and this is my first! I have another lined up that will be up soon as well!

I’ve never been a big fan of themed nailed, and although I am in a happy long term relationship, I’m not really into all that soppy stuff, not that I’d turn down chocolate and flowers.. 😘 but I really wanted to do some nails that support the day, yet aren’t all that usual, so sorry to say there probably won’t be red and hearts everywhere.

For these nails I used barryM ‘ vintage violet’ which is a beautiful dusty dark purple. I love BarryM nail varnishes! They always apply so smooth and so easy!. I did the detail with a brush and acrylic paint. And I finished it off with my trusty seche vite.

I have more nails to come shortly!!
Em! πŸ™‚

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