Pink ‘space’ nails


This is so late, I’m sorry! 😦

These nails, like many others, started as something completely different, but that failed, miserably. So, the creative person I am, I turned it into something… Better?.

I started with a base coat, ciate London’s ‘underwear’, then used 3 different glitter polishes to get variety in the look of the nails. These 3 polishes were ‘silver fox’ by models own, ‘opalesce’ by Avon, and ‘a cut above’ by Essie.

I then went on top with the pink and purple from opi’s colour paints collection. I painted the whole nail with the pink, then painted blobs of the purple on top and blended it into the pink using the brush.

I used acrylic paint for the alien, spaceship and stars.

I’ll have new nail art up soon!

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