glitter gradient ornament


I finally got in the spirit enough to do some Christmas nails. I wanted to use some of the nail supplies I got in my ciate advent calender. I used the lose glitter called miss mistletoe and a fine red glitter polish from barryM called ruby slippers.

I applied ruby slippers first, then quickly stuck the lose glitter on. I did a glitter gradient. I then used a coat of save the nail 45 second top coat to seal the glitter. I then used white acrylic paint and a thin brush, that I got from an art shop and then trimmed, and painted on the baubles. I let it dry then finished with a gel effect top coat.

One of the baubles didn’t turn out as planned, you may have guessed, its the one that looks like an ice cream cone. I used to have some baubles that were pointed, with glitter stripes. I tried to copy it but it just ended up looking like ice cream…

on the plus side, my freehand painting is getting better!

Until next time,

Em! 😀

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