Gold geometric nails


So, I’ve been wanting to do some geometric nails for ages and I’ve started to do them on many occasions, but I never got round to actually doing it. I finally knuckled down and did it, and although they were a bit rough, I really liked them. I had wanted to do block colours but im not great at using tape, or waiting for polish to dry long enough to cut shapes out of dried nail polish. Maybe one day… Anyway! I decided i’d stamp with different colours and cut shapes out of them instead. In my head that looked really cool!.

The base colour is 3 coats of Essie ‘Jazz’. The purple is ‘purple bandana’, the blue is ‘bermuda blue’, both models own. The white is maybelline colour show ‘business blouse’, and the black is ‘blackjack’ by collection. I used MoYou Pro stamping platee No. 01. I stamped each colour and painted a coat of quick dry topcoat over it then waited for it to dry before peeling it off the stamp. I then cut triangles from each sheet of stamps and placed them firmly on the nail. I like to clean the edge of my nails where the dried polish is hanging over the nail edge, as it helps the dried polish stick to the nails. once all of the pieces are stuck down, I finished with a quick drying top coat.

On my thumb and pinky nail I used another of the models own glitter polishes, called ‘Gold finger’. I painted one coat on then sponged on until fully covered. I finished these nails with a quick dry top coat too!.

I hope you like these nails and try them out yourself!

Until next time.. Em! 🙂



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