Pink silver & Roses


These nails were inspired by the beautiful ‘pink fizz’ glitter by models own. I wanted some cute and classy nails, and really wanted to try my new models own glitter polishes. I knew I wanted to use the glitter as accent nails, because I didn’t want too much glitter.

The thumb, middle and ring finger were all painted with BarryM’s ‘pit stop’ from the quick dry range. This light grey, with a slight hint of lilac is one of my favourite polishes. I adore the colour, its very neutral and is easy to pair with. I wasn’t sure what to do over the nails, as I didn’t want to leave them bare. I realised that I don’t often do any flower designs, and i knew I had a lot of flower stamps that I could use. I settled with roses from my MoYou London Pro collection plate No.10. This plate has XL stamp designs on which made it easier to get different areas of the design on each nail.

I think these nails are beautiful and were very easy to accomplish. I finished off my design with 1 coat of elegant touch gel top coat.

Until next time, Em!

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