Monkey & banana


I made these monkey and banana nails the other day, on request of my boyfriend. We recently celebrated being together for a year. Before we started dating, I uses to call him monkey boy, and since then he’s been my cheeky monkey!.
I painted my pointer, middle and pinky finger nails white with business blouse by Maybelline. I then painted little boomerang shapes with rimmels chin up buttercup. And I finally roughly outlined the bananas with blackjack by collection.
For the monkeys I painted a half moon shape at the bottom of my nails with beige babe by rimmel and then i painted a lower half moon with jazz by Essie. I used sitting tools and black and white to do the eyes, and dotting tools and beige babe and jazz to paint on the ears.
These nails only took around an hour to paint both hands and looks really fun and cute. I hope you enjoy and try these nails yourself!.

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