Colour stripes with black dry brush


I made these nails yesterday. I wanted to do something different to what I usually try, something a bit more time consuming.
I saw snowglobenails do some perfect colour stripe nails, which is where I first got my inspiration from.
I used color show business blouse from the suit style collection as my white base. As far as whites go, its the best one I’ve used. Completely opaque in two coats, and is finished with a perfect glossy shine.
I then used 5 different colours to create the stripes. I used lime splatter and luxe lavender from Avon. Too cool to tango from Rimmel. The green was from W7 and the pink was from loveable luxuries.
I then used blackjack from collection to do the black. For that I just made thin black lines on the lines where colours meet, and thickened them out using the dry brush technique.
The topcoat I used was gel effect top coat from the elegant touch nail apothecary system.

I love how colourful these nails are, and they are so easy to do, yet so lovely to look at!. I hope you try this out, tag me on Instagram is you do!.


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