Who am i?


My name is Emily Buckeridge and I live in England/Wales!.

I started this blog in hopes of learning new things, in terms of nails and nail art, which is my passion, and in the way of writing!. English has always been a subject I enjoyed, but I wasn’t very good at it…

My passion with nail art started when I started sixth form, about 3 years ago now. Not being able to paint nails in school, the freedom to then do so during sixth form was too much to resist. Although I’ve been doing it for a few years now, I would still completely consider myself as a newbie! I hope that by using this blog I can learn how to improve techniques and hopefully meet some lovely people who are as interested in this as I am, and want to learn with me!.

If yoy know me from Instagram (lipsnailslife) you know I love lip balm as well so I will occasionally post about different lip products! I in no way think I am an expert on anything I wrote, I’m just a girl who’s trying! 😊

I hope you join me on my journey! 14436120559832068245794

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